Aldi, tap and die set

  1. bigbadbugga

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    Liverpool uk
    Just been in and bought one of these sets for £16.99, bit of a punt but got it home and was pleasantly surprised.

    It's a decent quality set in a good strong steel box. OK so probably not one for the pro guys, but if you need a set to tap the odd thread and clean the threads in your engines then you can't go wrong with this for the price:D

    Oh, has 1/8 & 1/4 bsp in addition to the metric ones.
  2. tigler Expert on the trivial

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    Bought a pair of the work trousers on offer at the moment, really good for £8.99 !! Great value.
  3. Punx0r Member

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    I just got one of these. Haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but reassuring to hear it being given the thumbs up.

    I only want it for cleaning up threads, maybe extending the odd one.

    I also got the pick set and O-ring sets. You never know when you need a random one...
  4. I got one of these from Aldi a couple of years ago & it's been superb,still going strong
  5. My missus picked me up a couple of the work lamps, she had a look at the trews & said they looked rubbish so didn't get any.

    Gutted now you're saying they're okay.
  6. tigler Expert on the trivial

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    They're not the ultimate quality but for £8.99 you can't beat them ! FGS thats the price of 2 magazines now !
  7. Yeah, fair play, might have a look in on Sunday see if they have any left.

    She's probably not been looking at them with an oil grinding welding head on.
  8. tigler Expert on the trivial

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    Maybe she thought you wanted to hit the clubs in them !
  9. Pete.

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    I've had two of those tap/die sets now, the first was passable but the second was not so good. They definately aren't 'good' quality, but they'll make a thread and ideal for the occasional user or a get-out-of-jail.

    I mainly got them for the M7 size, which is used on Suzuki motorbikes.
  10. One of my bikes has an M9 thread... they're rare!
  11. Pete.

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    Kent, UK
    EDIT: actually, Suzuki Hayabusa case/mainbearing bolts are M9 thread.
  12. graffian Seer unto the end of his beard

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    M9 are off the shelf taps at my local drill shop.
  13. Wonder how many they sell though?
  14. zzr1200

    zzr1200 Working at 650 ft on open steel work

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    Hullbridge Essex
  15. Punx0r Member

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    I was about to suggest they'll be poor quality and a waste of time, but then I remembered buying a couple of their Powercraft flap wheels before (impulse purchase) and they were fine.

    I wouldn't bother with the screw extractor set, though. I bought a very similar Silverline set (impulse again), and they absolutely do not work. Not even slightly!
  16. GeorgiePorgie pre-moderated

    These are poor metal,ok on the larger taps but snap easily on the smaller range.
  17. s410man trainee dogsbody

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    they are probably carbon steel as opposed to hss

    i will not buy any cheap cutting tools as if something goes wrong it can cause a lot of hassle

    i adopted this approach after spending many hours helping to strip down the front end of a discovery that had had a cheap stud extractor broken in it

    we couldnt get to it with a hammer to smash it out due to the positioning of it

    you can usually buy the sizes you need for not much more than one of these sets

    i have m5,6,8,10,12 and 16 taps and dies and brought off ebay i would guess they cost around £40 for the taps and dies

    buying a set with m2,3,4,7,9 and 11 in is usually unnecessary unless you have a specific machine
  18. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    theres nothing wrong with using carbon steel taps and dies as long as u arent using them on hard metals all the time . allso u need a good make. presto ect. i wouldnt fancy using cheap hss taps and dies on any thing important or something that has took a while to make, just pay the money and get the quality
  19. MattF Member

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    Had a look at one of those sets whilst I was in the local ALDI today, and the quality, judging from the photos on the back of the box, (they're plastic wrapped, so couldn't see the kit directly), looked a bit cheesy. The tap and die holder look to be made of that monkey metal type cast which has a tendency to crack at will. Even though the kits aren't exactly expensive, couldn't personally bring myself to purchase one even just as an odd use thing. Better to get quality bits as and when needed, IMHO.
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