1. easyridin5150 Member

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    Stockton, CA
    Just joined the board and noticed most are from the UK. Your accent comes through in your Hope my posts don't seem to foreign. :D Keith
  2. malcolm

    malcolm Bob the builder

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    Bedford UK
    I suppose UK written English is a little more formal than North American English. I wonder whether the internet will change that. I sometimes get a picture in my mind of some 18th centuary dude with a quill pen when I read my own writing. :D
  3. easyridin5150 Member

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    Stockton, CA
    I just get a vision on the Beatles :lol: Keith
  4. Pentawelder Angle grinder operator

    Hi there, Easyridin5150 Martinez, CA close enough? I can translate for you. Moved here in 1975 from Britain and I started this Arc 'n' Spark stuff a couple of months ago. Currently at a friend's house in Tracy.
  5. easyridin5150 Member

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    Stockton, CA
    Hi Penta;
    Glad to see some local folks here. I'm still in the process of getting my set-up up and going. Having a friend put a 220v outlet in this weekend...then watch out. I'm ready to start learnin and burnin. Already have a pile of scrap to start running beads on. Hope to cross paths with you online. Keith :D
  6. Pentawelder Angle grinder operator

    Hey Easy,
    Just ordered 300 feet of 2x2 square tubing from PDM Steel in
    Stockton. (less then $600 delivered) I'm going to be a welding fool. (all for free, a really good friend).
    1/2 inch square at Home Depot is over $6 for 3 feet, Yardbirds $3-65
    for the same. Bought out all they had twice.
    I got a 3200HD Lincoln, I kind of needed to run on 110v.
    Do you ever get over to Tracy on Sunday mornings?
    I'm going to get banned for using the board for personal use!!!
  7. malcolm

    malcolm Bob the builder

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    Bedford UK
    Of Course not.

    That's a lot of material - what are you making?
  8. Pentawelder Angle grinder operator

    Thanks Malcolm.
    I'm building a 9' wide staircase and deck.
    5 steps total with wide landings.
    Major over engineering but it should last for ever.
    Not much rust here in California.
    I'll try to post pictures if it comes out looking
    half way decent.
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