Yet Another SIP Compressor Query

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    I have recently perchased a new compressor (SIP 13/200 belt drive compressor). Looked to be in really good condition and was sold as a runner but when plugged in it just buzzed and blew fuses. The motor and the pump both turned freely.

    Had a good read of some threads on here (Thanks Guys) and when I took off the cover from the motor it was obvious that capacitor was blown (quite literally).

    Can anyone confirm whether this is a START or RUN capacitor? How do you tell?

    Many thanks (and apologies for my ignorance)
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    Its a run cap, because its always in circuit
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    Thank you. Bought a dedicated Run capacitor
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    More Help Please

    So I replaced the (obviously blown) capacitor with this

    The compressor was connected (unfortunately via an extension lead) to my garage supply (16A) and a strat-up attempted. No buzzing but the 13A fuse in the plug blew. Second attempt and the motor turned slightly and then the 13 A fuse (at the socket) blew. The plug-in RCD didn't trip.

    The electric motor and the pump turn freely by hand. The unit is in good visual condition and was manufactured in 2007. I was told it hadn't been run for a while.

    Any advice as to what I check/do next?:ashamed:
    Anyone recommend any places in Kent to get this thing looked at?:dontknow:
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    yarm stockton on tees
    if u look at the spec plate the full load amps is 14.6 the starting amps will be up to about 50 amp u should get away with it using a 16 amp supply not a 13
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    yarm stockton on tees
    using one of the adaptor leads u are still rated at 13 amp its just a converter. a means to conect without cutting a pre wired 16 amp plug off your apliance a 16 amp supply is needed