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    I'm sure this has been asked before : I was in screwfix today buying a door lock (yawn) and saw these in the catalogue is it worth me changing over my set up to these fittings ?

    I have a small (24 ltr ) compressor so Is there any benefit for me ? (ooh shiney shiney me likey )
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    I've just changed over to XF fittings. I needed some couplings anyway, but thought they might be better than the standard on my windy gun. If you connect the socket & the male part together of both & blow through them, there is quite a bit more resistance on the standard fittings, how much difference this makes in practice I'm not sure, got to help though. I haven't used the rattle gun in anger yet to assess any difference, but it seems more reactive. The Screwfix price for them is a lot less than Machine Mart charge, there is very little difference n their price between the two, so that is what I would get if starting out with nothing. Another deciding factor for me, was most of the air tools I've got were supplied with XF so it made sense to change over.

    As Mrfuzzy says, 3/8 air hose makes a big difference on tools that use a lot of air, such as rattle guns, keep the hoses short as well to stop pressure drop in use.

    EDIT. I use a 24 litre compressor as well, it copes for most things, I also use a gas cylinder if I need extra storage & a short bit of airline with a connector on each end to couple it. With most tools I plug the line in direct, as the regulator restricts the flow. It doesn't seem to hurt the tools.
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