Workshop air line options?

  1. jamriggsy Member

    Im currently trying to work out what the best setup for my needs will be and would appreciate some advise / comments on the following:

    I have a SIP 150/3HP compressor which I hope to use for general air tools and for respraying my car.

    the workshop is approximately 12m x 5m, there is a 2 post car lift at one end.
    im thinking, if I put the compressor in the middle of longest wall and run a 3/8 line to the wall where it would pass through a 150psi regulator/water trap then split into two.
    One end would have a standard quick snap in connector for a long airline which would be used for spraying and for extending outside if needed for air tools.
    The other line would run straight up the wall and over to the central roof steel where I would one of those pigtail coils which could extend upto 11m and cover all of workable area around the lift and the other end of workshop, this coil would only be for impact ratchet and tyre inflator.

    Sound fair enough?.
    should I use 3/8 air line everywhere?, will it be suitable for the pigtail bit or could I get away with the smaller 1/4 stuff. should the compressor be next to the workbench which has benchgrinder/ drill / vice etc?. should I only use the regulator/trap for spraying and therefore put the junction before the trap?.

    Any help appreciated.

  2. brightspark

    brightspark Member

    yarm stockton on tees
    22mm copper is the prefered method for piping round workshop ending up in half inch on the last meter or so to the outlets .more volume and better cooling