wolf turbo mig 150

  1. natehall New Member

    Firstly Hi, my Name is nathan and Im a caraholic!

    I have a wolf turbo mig that I was bought as a present about 4-5 years ago :whistle:

    I set it up for the first time yesterday, and started to run the wire through and the motor stopped turning :( I have heard this is a common problem but now I am left with a major issue...

    1. The car I needed to weld is non going to get a MOT till I can get welding
    2. My Welder Doesnt work
    3. I dont have the money for a new welder!
    4. Spares for this welder seam non-existant :(

    Is there any other wire feed gearbox and motor I can fit to get this welder doing its job for a while whilst I get the money together from the sale of the car which currently has no mot and get a second hand cebera/snap on?

    Thanks in advance
  2. the snooper

    the snooper getting older by the day

    Hull UK
    wofl went out of business so spares will be hard to find
    have you checked for a voltage at the feed motor ?
  3. natehall New Member

    I havent checked the voltage as yet - I simply havent had time :ashamed:

    but frm all the reading ive made, this is the biggest weakness in

    I will be checking it at the weekend, im really hoping its something really simple and cheap as I need to get this mini sorted asap!