Wolf Turbo 150 Tips and Nozzles

  1. madhouse Absolute and total newbie

    OK, I'm REALLY new to this - see my intro (http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=858)

    So, I've got this Wolf Turbo 150, which I know is not the best piece of kit in the world but for my budget and knowledge/skill-level its a start.

    Unfortunately, the manual isn't that revealing as far as spares go, and given that I'm going to ruin plenty of stuff during my learning process, I could do with having some spares on standby.

    I'm going to be using 0.8 gasless wire ('cus I've got about 10 brand new reels of it), but could do with spare tips and nozzles....

    Anyone know what size/type I should get, perhaps a good source? I am totally clueless on MIG tips and stuff, so any help would be appreciated!

    Cheers, Madhouse.