Wolf Sioux 25 connecting an Airbrush?

  1. Ddave73 Member

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    Hi, decided to pick one of these up last week and I want to connect an Airbrush to it.

    Its this exact model.


    I know these are just cheap basic bits of kit but for my light use it should be fine.

    I have read about regulators and moisture traps but the only confusing thing for me is what fittings I need to buy in order to connect an airbrush to this compressor.

    Has anyone here got experience in doing this if so can you explain what parts I need to buy? I think I need some kind of converter but that's about as much as I know.

    Many thanks :)
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  3. Ddave73 Member

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    I looked at kits previously but was put off by the low compressor capacity.

    I have ordered this so far.

    Mini HVLP Air Gun Regulator


    Mini Jet HVLP Gravity Fed Spray Gun


    I am now looking for a suitable moisture filter.

    The stuff I am buying is of course cheap but hopefully it will give me a taste and later on I can order better quality stuff.
  4. mike 109444

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    Ddave73 Be aware that the direct drive compressors (have one similar) are bl00dy noisy! not so bad if using air tools ect but for peceful airbrushing you might want to put the compressor well away from you or build a sound deading box. The small compressors as in the kit kink are quite noisy aswell and as they have no tank will run continously even when you take your finger off the trigger. The ideal ones are the sush air type or similar (look at MM's web site) bit pricey though. You could make one up from old refridgerator pumps and a old compressor with a duff pump. Just replace pump with fridge pumps. There was a recient post along these lines in the last monht or two.
    If you locate your wolf compressor well away from your work area then keep an eye out for moisture build up in the pipe. This happens on some of the kit I work on (medical devices) that has a Junair compressor attaches but some customers (estates dept) run the air through the braded pipe and this sagges and allows moisture to buildup then you get a sudden rush of moisture blow through when the dip is full !!
  5. Ddave73 Member

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    Thanks for the advice.

    Yeah it is pretty loud but I wont be doing anything big and as you suggest I am able to have it a fair distance away from me as I just bought a 15 meter hose. I have also bought a wall mounted moisture trap and regulator so surely that will keep the moisture levels in the air down?

    Next month I am thinking about getting a 100 ltr + compressor as even with the small cheap wolf one I have right now I can see a huge benefit in having a better one for all manner of different applications. I will look at all DIY solutions as an alternative to buying a factory built unit. Already looked at a few guides and its tempting.
  6. anjum Member

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    Consider placing the wall filter further along from the compressor if possible and get an in-line water filter near the airbrush.
  7. Ddave73 Member

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    I will order an inline one now, was considering it myself but was unsure if it would be needed but for the price I will get one.

    Hurry up Mr Postman! :)
  8. Chipper Member

    Might just need to buy a reducer to fit the airbrush line to the reg / fittings etc.
    Once the tanks filled it'll run an airbrush for ages so the noise isn't that bad an issue.

    My lad uses a 24 litre small comp for his, mine comes off my 2x 3hps, I have an airline with a reducer at one end to poke into the reg. Can't recall now what we did with his one exactly, but I can check easily if it helps any.
  9. graffian

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    I think my airbrushes had 1/8bsp fitting on them, I just nick the air line fitting from my die grinder for them. I added a regulator just for the air brush as mine wasn't very good sub 30 psi, I got a small Norgren filter reg that's intended to regulate from 0-30psi, it works a treat with the air brushes. An air brush runs for hours on my compressor without the pressure switch kicking back in.
  10. El Donkey Member

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    I bought an air brush compressor with a small tank. Should have saved my money and just used my main compressor. It runs for ages to fill its tank and does make a fair bit of noise. It will also cut out if used for a while.

    An air brush as stated would run for a long time before a full size compressor tank ran low.