Wolf mig welders

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    Hi all,
    I have just become a member and have been reading peoples view`s on Wolf Mig Welder`s.I bought a Wolf Mig Welder 140 Pro. 2 month`s ago to renovate an old car (a Suzuki Vitara),I have found the machine to be very good,it seem`s that the problem people are having is with the torch being live.My torch is of a non live variety and perform`s perfectly with gas or non gas welding on the car (using 0.8 gas or non gas wire).
    I paid £120 through e-bay and have had no problem`s at all,it came with 2 CO2 gas bottles, gas and non gas 0.8 wire,a bottle regulator,wire brush,welding tips and shrouds,wire brush and a shield.
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    Welcome to the forum

    I had no problem with the torch on mine, it was not live either, it was the rest of the machine that was a problem, poor wire feed, erratic power mainly.

    I managed welds and thought that was about the norm expected until I joined here and then bought a proper MIG.

    A bit like the difference between driving an old Lada missing on 2 cylinders and a Rolls in perfect condition. :whistle:
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    Moved to the correct forum. :waving:
    I think live torches are long-gone, I don't believe any manufacturer would use one now, it would be taking a major step backwards.....a bit like putting 'fitness' windows and non-power steering in a new car now. :scared:
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