Wolf dakota oil change

  1. pondy

    pondy Member

    chedburgh, suffolk. uk
    I've had the above for nearly a year now so decided to change the oil.
    A heads up to anyone planning on this as I know a few members recently brought these, it's a bloody messy job!

    The drain plug is under the pump so I expected some mess, I made some channel for the oil to drain down, the oil from new is very thick even after running for 10 mins, its more like gear oil. its to slow to run down the channel and just overflows and goes everywhere. The pump holds a fair about of oil, probably just Over a litre so seems never ending when it's pouring slowing over the floor. I've used the compressor alot but to my surprise the oil was near spot less.
    Next time I decide to change the oil I'll prop the compressor up sidewalls so it drains right out.
    Also a very slow filler, pour in to fast and it likes to burp large quantities of oil out! A simple job turned out to be a right mess!
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  2. optima21 Forum Supporter

    halifax, England
    wonder if a syringe and piece of tube is a better option
  3. Ashley Burton

    Ashley Burton Member

    Can you not take the whole side panel off?

    I tilted mine onto its back to remove the cover, Then tilted it back & poured the oil into a container
  4. pedrobedro

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    CX Derbyshire
    Mine's only been used a couple of times so it won't need doing for a while. My old SIP was the same kind of set up and I used to butcher an oil bottle to catch it in. If you cut it to slot under the drain and taped it to the cylinder to hold it in place it wasn't a bad job. I've not really studied the new one.