wolf compressor

  1. 7/11=12 Member

    Hey guys :waving:

    iam wanting another useful boys toy to ad to my collection & iam thinking of one of these

    but for additional tank storage i was thinking using a propane bottle piped to it so gain more air storage as the next one up is more expensive just for the bigger size tank,,are these any good,,i"ll be using it for painting the odd car door undoing tight nuts/bolt using the buzz gun that sort of thing,,i do like the fact its got a oil lube engine so to speak.

    thanks Rick
  2. tigler Expert on the trivial

    Identical to the Aldi compressor that they sell for £70, but branded Wolf instead of Powercraft !! Just a reasonable little generic compressor that many on here have used successfully, I have one myself for general purpose use.
  3. That's only a 9.5cfm DISPLACEMENT which means the FAD will be pitiful. 6cfm maybe? Are you sure it will be enough? When buying a compressor, choose one and then go at least one step up. I went for 3HP 14.5cfm dispacement and I still do not have enough for what I would like to do!
  4. 7/11=12 Member

    aldi dont sell them anymore "I Think"

    ive read some threads regarding compressors & the belt drive ones are a lot quieter
    but there again ive not heard a direct drive one in action,it will be in a out build thats brick built so its shouldn't cause too much noice
  5. tigler Expert on the trivial

    They are not a permanent stock item at Aldi, but they re-stock from time to time.
    Belt drive are quieter, the actual sound difference depends on any given type, but direct drive are noisier because they run at a higher speed.