Wolf Air 90L vs BURISCH Air 90L

  1. mikeday1991 Member

    Hello everyone,
    A long time lurker on the forum and just wanted to pick some brains.. I know there are a lot of threads on Which Compressor etc, so please forgive me!

    I'm looking to buy a compressor to run Ratchets, Impact drivers, DA's, Spray guns (I'm very uneducated, so need to read up) and perhaps a shot blaster.

    I'm looking to spend no more than £300, and have narrowed it down on the new market to either a Wolf 90L or a Burisch 90L.
    I have received this info from Burisch:

    The FAD figures are as follows:
    3bar : 257 L/min // 9.07CFM
    4bar: 240 L/min // 8.47CFM
    5bar : 228 L/min // 8.05CFM
    6bar : 219 L/min // 7.73CFM
    7bar : 209 L/min // 7.38CFM
    8bar: 198 L/min // 6.99CFM
    The duty cycle is s3 25%.

    Would these figures be the same for the Wolf compressor? (They look the same practically) Would a compressor of this size be ok for what I want? (I can add an additional tank if need be)

    Or should I be looking to spend the money on a second hand, higher end compressor?

    Many thanks in advanced everyone!
  2. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    CX Derbyshire
    Just my opinion, I run a 3hp V twin SIP direct drive which has about the same output as one of those but is noisier and it will run everything on your list but the DA sander. They are greedy things and will empty a 90 litre or a 150 litre tank in no time. Adding more storage is not always a good answer as the pump will be running twice as long to replenish the supply.
  3. mark williams

    mark williams Member

    Iv just ordered the wolf one hope it runs my die grinder and air drill for the odd ten mins here and there
  4. mr migwire

    mr migwire It's more fun with metal.

    I have the wolf 90 and it runs my ratchet, buzz gun, nibbler, spray guns, die grinder, 4" air grinder and my plasma cutter with no probs at all.