Wolf 140x 30amp_135amp 230v wiring plug help

  1. NewbieWelderTheArconist New Member

    Worthing,west sussex,uk England
    I am based in the uk and purchased the wolf 140x 230v mig welder which arrived with no plug I have no garage or workshop and weld from the back of a house on the patio which only has normal uk household plug sockets is there a plug that would be safe and suitable to use on the welder so it does'nt blow the house fuses when I use the welder at max 135amps. Would I need to pay to install any electric boxes? I study at home and work solo so have no outside help or knowledge. Any help or advice on the subject will be helpful many thanks.
  2. cumbriasteve

    cumbriasteve Moderator

    Cumbria UK

    Just put a normal 13amp plug on it, remember to use a good quality extension cable and fully unwind it if you do use one.