Winter Buggie Build

  1. Sam

    Sam Banned

    Have spent today starting a winter project it is a Phiranha 2 single seat buggie I will be using a Suzuki GSXR 1000 as the power plant hope to give autocross a go when completed.
    • IMG_0600.jpg
    • Bottom layer.jpg
    • Mid Layer.jpg
    • Bending Rollbar.jpg
    • Side.jpg
    • Front View.jpg
    • Rear.jpg
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  2. busastars Member

    South Wales
    Wow, all that in a day! it will be finished in a week :)

    Looking good, any specs or info.
  3. Sam

    Sam Banned

    It wont! have kids to watch tomorrow but they are off to Ireland for five days after christmas so the idea was to get on with this and see how far I can get on without the kids.
  4. martijn Member

    wow it looks good! realy nice workplace you have!!
  5. general--lee Member

    east sussex
    looking good i wanna convert a go kart rolling chassis to either bar stool racer with bike engine or just fit bike engine!!!,

    what size tube you using for the hoops?
    i got a frame work now to copy your design for bender just need formers/ guides.

    good luck
  6. tux Member

    Nottingham UK
    Not fair! Why can't I have talent like that!! :laughing:

    Excellent looking work there, and I know several people that would sell organs for a workshop like that! :cool:
  7. daf45

    daf45 Member

    There can never be enough of these project threads!
    Please keep the pics coming and details of the build...
    Most of us can only dream about those skills/equipment/space/time etc - but pics do help!
  8. b3jjs Member

    Llandeilo, Wales
    Where did you get the plans from? I would be very interested in building one


  9. Sam

    Sam Banned

  10. when you say auto cross do you mean grass traking becous if so them plans will not meet the specs the roll bar has to bee widend across the top i think its somthing like 22"

    we have just started a baracuda from the same company but the jeep has put it on the back burnner for a week or two
  11. Sam

    Sam Banned

    No autocross looked at autograss bid not excite me going around an oval all day. The autocross meeting i went to was a circuit laid out in a field 1 mile long they do have different specs tho.
  12. looks good. looking forword to seeing more pics, i will post some of mine at some point
  13. martijn Member

    how is the building going ? i have the plans ad home to now.
    the piranha is realy nice buggie.
    hope to see more pics soon.
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  14. Sam

    Sam Banned

    Had great intentions to do a lot between christmas and the new year but started celebrating the new year early there are only six houses here but they all wanted to party and I got caught up in it all. Have changed the front end to double wishbone rather than what is supplied as standard you can download the mod on the edge site also picked up hubs and drive shafts from a ford sierra and will be changing the rear to a simple drive setup. I think the drawings supplied will be expensive to make.Have posted a picture of a drive that they are using in autocross involves using two 40mm pillowblock bearings and a 40mm shaft.
    • Shaft.jpg
    • DSC00017.jpg
  15. That drive shafts looks a bit agricultural but I do like them out put flanges , just out of interest why dint you make why dint you use laser profiled plats and make it look a hell of a lot better
  16. Sam

    Sam Banned

    Simple reason cost. There was a few guys using the same set up with no problems. Not too fussy about the looks only belting around a stubble field.
  17. ah ok i shal keep that in mide for the bak of mine as the plans use one hell of a complex design
    • pir%20iii%20centre%20drive%20exploded%202.jpg
    • CV%20Cartridge%202%20email.jpg
  18. vr4awd

    vr4awd The Scottish Scouser

    good to see the plans i sent you are coming in handy, the build is looking good up to now and i will keep my eye on this topic

    il be making a start on building one as soon as my bike projects are finished and sold so i got money for materials, where do you get your materials nyway as im having problems finding a supplier in dundee
  19. Sam

    Sam Banned

    Thank you for the plans but have picked up another buggie a couple of weeks ago hoping to have it ready for the end of this month but work seems to be flooding through the door at the moment.Not complaning by the way! Also just finished of a Beemer project that was going to be a quick turn around but have decided to keep it for a while.;)
    • IMG_0669.jpg
    • IMG_0721.jpg
  20. simon718

    simon718 needs to stay off ebay

    Norn' Iron
    dont blame you for keepin the bm about for a while sam :laughing:

    buggy looks good!