windy day

  1. brightspark

    brightspark Member

    anyone had any damage :)as windy as hell here . moved gear away so it don't blow on the vehicles moved all the potted plants to a sheltered part of garden so they don't get damaged
  2. pondy

    pondy Member

    chedburgh, suffolk. uk
    Been fairly windy here but nothing to bad, it has managed to blow alot of moss off my roof, saved me a job! Sweeping it off the drive is easier than getting the ladders out etc. Was forecast for storms in my area last few days but just been overcast and windy today
  3. dobbslc

    dobbslc Forum Supporter

    Hertfordshire UK
    Sitting under the trees drinking beer in the wind. Living on the edge baby living on the edge.....
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  4. Member

    Essex England
    I had to look at a willow which was road side on friday, hoping to pull it over with the chaps tractor.

    No chance rotten from the roots and swaying at ground level next to a busy road which was non stop. "odd for lockdown"

    So 7:00am me and a father son team headed over climbed it got it down in an hour they headed off i tidied up.

    Im 100% that if i i hadn't done it in the morning it would have been over in the afternoon. Also good thing about tree work is by the nature of the job no one is close and we are all in separate motors, i will still do the 7 days of hoping non of us have it.
  5. magnet

    magnet Member

    N E UK
    Its blowing a hooley here. When the jackdaws are flying sideways you know its fresh.
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  6. brewdexta

    brewdexta Forum Supporter

    Old chicken shed went over twice, second time with two big concrete blocks on the roof.

    New chicken shed is fine but I've still got to finish panelling it, build nest boxes and perches.
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  7. roofman

    roofman Purveyor of fine English buckets and mops

    North West
    Been terrible here for 2 days straight...stuff blowing around and almost destroyed all my potted plants till i put them in a shelted spot
  8. cheb Forum Supporter

    Outer Hebrides
    Gusts of about 60mph up here, that's storm 10 on the Beaufort scale.
  9. skotl

    skotl Forum Supporter

    Edinburgh, UK
    Dog's arthritis ramp* has blown over three times so I'm just leaving it until the wind dies down.

    If that's the worst we get then that'll do for me! Glad the sleepers haven't shifted as I doubt the fence would be impressed.


    (* made the ramp to get him down the back steps for a pee when he had his knee rebuilt. Holding onto the ramp cos it's only a matter of time before the other one needs doing)
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  10. Migmac

    Migmac Forum Supporter

    Kintyre. Scotland
    Windy here but not to bad. The roof tiles have stopped rattling. Could mean one of two things tiles have been ripped off and/or it’s less windy!
  11. jimbo84 Member

    Up North
    Nothing structural just garden plant damage. Trees are practically sideways. We have some large shrubs about 20ft tall next to the fence before the big trees, one minute they're there the next they've gone then back again, never seen them move so much. A few trees down locally on the news.

    Don't understand the met office, usually a ton of weather warnings making it look like armageddon is on the way and then you get a slight breeze or shower, then you get it like it is now days of very strong winds, trees down etc. and they barely mention it's going to be windy :dontknow:
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  12. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Ditto here and rain with it. :(
  13. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    Soon 2 B Crete
    yeah ......
    rough here as well.......
    sunset from a couple of days ago......
    been plus 30 for a week or so......had to find thinner T shirts.........hahaha...... IMG_1578.jpeg
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  14. daleyd

    daleyd Member

    Wrexham, North Wales
    Was really gusty here, but strangely super calm in between!
  15. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    CX Derbyshire
    Wind's dropped here today but it's raining now, we were getting 50mph gusts yesterday it blew one of our patio chairs over :o :D
  16. Wallace

    Wallace Member

    Staines, Middlesex, England.
    It was windy here yesterday, played havoc with controlling the bbq heat but the ribs came out okay.

  17. sako243

    sako243 Member

    My mansion in Wales
    I suspect the two chaps who were the last of the trade have now passed but they the tiles on my parents place and the older bits of mine have been there for a few hundred years with no issues and very high winds.

    They had a building inspector around years ago for something else and asked his opinion on the sagging slate roof. He very quickly said don't touch it! In the good old days they had the experience and selected the seasoned beams appropriately so that once the load of the slates went on and the wood finished seasoning insitu it would sag under the weight of the tiles slightly. That caused them to all lock up and despite regular 100mph+ winds they've never lost a slate off that roof.

    The BI said he knew of two Welsh lads who still built roofs that way, but they were in their 70s 30 years ago, and all the modern stuff is built with too much framework to allow it. Mainly because the skill / experience of seasoning the trusses etc has been lost.
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