Welding jig advice.

  1. ukracer Forum Supporter

    I need to try and come up with a jig to hold rebar together whilst it's welded.
    They have been trying to use slots cut into steel but the ends turn inside the hollow section at the slightest movement.

    I was thinking of making aluminium inserts that bolted in. I think holes strategically located in the bottom of the insert might hold the pieces in place.

    What I have been asked is to evaluate materials that reduce the spatter sticking to the jig.
    So I thought about using copper but not priced it up yet.

    Initially i Thought perhaps 40mm square bar might be an option. Welded into a square approx 600mm. But as always I looked at making it cheaper and easier to repair or replace. Which will inevitably lead to over engineering the solution. Lol

    Anyway guys take a look and See if I am close. received_2515313402132541.jpeg received_266922261317206.jpeg
  2. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    How many are we talking of putting through the jig?
    A spray with anti spatter and knock the occasional lump off with a grinder... a smear of tip dip also works.

    If it's going to be used 10hrs a day 5 days a week perhaps a different method... steel pins with a bit of copper pipe knocked over maybe.
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  3. ukracer Forum Supporter


    And yes there is talk of a robot welding it up. But as with any prototyping proof of concept is useful before deciding which direction to persue.
  4. gaz1

    gaz1 Forum Supporter

    2 sets of 5mm thick spin plates

    2 plates with slots cut into them and a bigger set of plates for the other side

    the last 2 rebars should be easy enough to fasten up afterwards
  5. ukracer Forum Supporter

    OMG I dont suppose you have any images of what a spin plate or other plate would look like. lol
  6. gaz1

    gaz1 Forum Supporter

    just a 5mm metal plate slotted in to hold the top

    1st 2 plates in green then remove then second 2 plates then remove

    just sat in a box of wood with noggins is ample enough to hold that rebar in place while tops and side gets welded up

    the plates are easy enough to remove by tapping them sideways and pulling them out

    on further thinking of it could be all done in just a wood frame with noggins and used as a rest for the side bars fastest way of doing a frame out

    both rebar fit inbetween the wood noggins together the outer wood is used as a rest for the side rebar

    the top rebar is at right height if cut right if sat on a spacer


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  7. outofthefire

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    I'd just weld tube into the slots you've already got. I have only ever used steel to make jigs and used anti spatter spray, nothing else will last to do thousands.
  8. ukracer Forum Supporter

    Thousands was a little tongue in cheek. lol
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