Welding Floor and Sills Peugeot 304

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    South Wales, UK
    Hi there, first time poster and new (ish) welder here. Just for clarification I've restored several motorbikes before but this is the first car, and I have done some welding but mainly on simple projects such as tables, under tuition. Attached are photos of a Peugeot 304 cabriolet we're in the process of restoring. As you can see the floor and crossmember are shot. The sills are mainly solid but with patches that will require replacement. The rest of the body is generally sound. There's definitely enough solid metal there to weld to in the sills and central tunnel. The rest of the car is in much better nick! Firstly, is this something that I could potentially tackle, slowly and methodically, as a first time welder, or is this biting off far too much? I am mechanically minded and a fast learner, and when I've done the odd bit of welding in the past its turned out pretty well. Secondly, if we were to pay to get this work done (doesn't need to look original or be concourse, just safe and strong) very roughly how much would we expect to pay? Thirdly if anyone could recommend a welder in the Chepstow area who would be reasonably priced, that would be much appreciated. Any advice and information would be greatly appreciated. I realise the photos aren't great and would be happy to take some more if that would help.

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    wow as a convertible theres not much left holding that together, I would get some box section and weld some braces in before doing anything to keep it square, assuming it is still square? basically an internal frame to good metal to hold it all together while you work on it.
    can you get new panels for these or would you have to make them? personal opinion is you could do it yourself if you have the time and patience,I'm currently learning on my first car at a very leisurely pace but panels are available so its a little easier to just buy the whole floor, or sill panels and replace them complete, if I had to make them I doubt I would have attempted it.
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