Welder Quesions, help needed please

  1. Hogzi Member

    Hi all,

    I've just purchased my first welder (Cosmo 130amp) and have just tried to weld using scraps of metal and it's harder than I thought!!

    I have six settings and also a knob for wire speed and although I have an instruction book with it it's as much use as a one legged man in an **** kicking competition.

    Does anyone have one of these welders and can anyone provide some help please i.e
    Min-Max-Min = 4mm welding
    Max-max-med = 5mm welding

    I'm using gas-less at the mo with flux wire.

    Am I being stupid or missing something? Do I really need all these settings? Does the metal need to be really clean?

    Sorry for all the questions but I've no one else to turn to.

  2. saltire Member

    Ok bud first thing the cleaner the stuff you intend to weld the better but if it car bodywork then a good rub with a wire brush or better still a get a small die grinder .
    Switch you machine onto its highest setting and try welding with one hand holding the gun and use your other hand to play with the wire speed and toggle switches as you put down a bead of weld .
    If this is your first machine then practice and more practice.
    Your machine will be ok for 3mm steel but anything above that it will struggle to give good penetration. Better welds can be obtained using gas and for a good spatter free weld try using a mix of Argon and Co2 but Co2 will do for most jobs .Ask your local landlord if he can give you a pub size bottle of Co2 as those small bottles that Halfords sell are a waste of time and money unless you you only intend doing a very small amount of welding .
  3. have a good search on here and you will find some useful tips


    gun bounces all over means wire speed set to high

    air pockets in weld, gas to high(you only need a slight hiss, abit higher for windy outside conditions.

    as mine is an older welder I now use between max max min and max max med

    with wire set to 1 to 2

    if it goes to slow it will stick

    to fast the gun bounces all over

    learn how to use the gun with either small circles as you weld or half circles, depends which you prefer

    the cleaner the metal the better

    gas is better than gassless, i have tried the gassless and not impressed, but with a bit of playing around you will get there

    not long been at the mig welding meself, done bits of oxy/cet before but never really got into the mig

    i thought it was a pain in the ****, but its all down to setting, wire speed is the key aswell as amp settings

    argon is better for the simple reason that it is a hot gas, co2 is a cold gas, the difference been a tidy weld and less splatter, but for car work etc co2 is just as good

    just play with it as you are doing, i went to the local tip and cadged loads of washing machine tops that were metal sheets and kept playing with it

    i set it to the middle settings of max med med then played with the wire speed til it stopped bouncing all over, if it goes to slow it will stick
  4. Hogzi Member

    Thanks for all your advise.

    I'll practice some more this weekend.