Welder internal contacts

  1. Fred Trevvett Member

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    Hi, im looking at a Migatronic Automig 250xe on eBay, only £150, because the seller says it needs the internal contacts replacing. Now I'm not 100% sure what is involved in this but I've had a quick scout round online and none of what I found seemed to flag up a particularly difficult repair, the seller also says it's an easy job that he's done before. But...if it is why isn't he doing it? So I just thought I'd check on here to see if anyone has any gold nuggets of advice, is it a known fault, are they easy to get spares for, could anyone shed any light on exactly what part has failed, and finally should I go ahead and buy it etc etc.

    Thanks, Fred
  2. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    Soon 2 B Crete
    prob genuine but what's his feed back like......
    how much is a working one worth on eBay.....?????
    I don't like electronics but there's so much else to go wrong inside these wonder machines......just sayin........
  3. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

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    Hi there,

    Regarding getting hold of spares, I would have thought so - but looking here, it doesn't seem to list a 250xe.
    Places like Westermans would maybe have what you'd want, but I don't see any prices.
    I imagine Migatronic would have it, but you'd need to know which one, first.

    Never changed one, so can't help on that - but I suspect it wouldnt be difficult.
    By "contacts", I was assuming you meant it needed a contactor?

    All the Best,
  4. Fred Trevvett Member

    Harrogate UK
    Thanks for the replies.

    @Frank, yes he does look genuine, not got much feedback but what he does have is all 100% and looks genuine. I was more thinking is it worth the £150 - it's a decent size welder, 415V etc, so seems cheap, but there is one which says it's working for £250 (but not as good general condition).

    @Country Joe, I'm not sure exactly what he means. I've asked for more details/pictures and hopefully that will shed more light, if so I'll update you on here. Thanks for the info re spares, I'll keep that in mind for if I do get it.
  5. pedrobedro

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    3 phase machines are usually cheaper than single phase. Migatronic have a website with list of parts for the machine you are looking at.
  6. eddie49 Member

    The phrase "the internal contacts need replacing" does not have any actual technical meaning. Perhaps they mean the Contactor.
    On the front panel, the locations for the potentiometer and switch for the spot/stitch/2T/4T controls and timer have been taped over. The controls are not there, maybe the machine was shipped without those options, or maybe the PCB failed and the attached controls were removed.
    The power settings 20 Amp to 250 Amp is a good wide range. For 3-phase, I think the price is high - I got a "Spares/Repairs" 300 Amp Arc-Tec for £57.
    The other one that is working for £250 has a "Make Offer" option, so you might get it for less.
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  7. Rig Pig

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    Migatronic are very expensive for parts, but most of the bits are off the shelf so can be sourced elsewhere for a lot less. I wouldn't pay £150 for a non working machine, eBay is full of junk that people know full well is broken beyond economic repair but list as 'not had a chance to look at' etc ...
    I'd want to see it before I bought it.
  8. Fred Trevvett Member

    Harrogate UK
    Hi, thanks for the replies. It's basically confirmed what I was thinking already, its just not really worth the risk. I'll keep my eye out for a better one:)
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