Weld on thin metal

  1. Muhammad New Member

    The pipe is 32mm diameter (1 1/4 inch) and the tube is 40×20 mm (1 1/2inch × 3/4inch) and the thickness of both of them is 24 gauge and the wire used is 0.030 inch and weld bead width is 3/16 ~ 1/4 inch !
    The second pic is behind the weld bead on pipe

    Does anyone know what settings and what technique should be used to weld such a wide and massive weld bead on an extremely thin metal?
    Is it welded multi-pass or just one pass?


  2. Robert Mullins Member

    Salisbury, uk
    I'm none too sure that your wall thickness @24 gauge is correct, however, with light weight sections there is no need whatsoever for a multi run, in an ideal world, the box section would be profiled (scalloped) to fit the radius of the tube; hand rails fabricated from tube are one example where this has to be done if an acceptable job is to be completed
    With one off jobs, or where there is no facility to profile the tube people resort to filling/welding the gap, this can be achieved by either decreasing the welding plant settings until the gap is bridged, or leaving the settings as per the fillet welds, and making/breaking the arc:
    Volts/amps are completely personal, but what you require is adequate (plenty of) fusion without burning through:
    If you have some offcuts, use these to get the set up right first before setting about the work piece
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