Very new to welding - (UK, not started my welding course yet)

  1. Glenn Donnelly New Member

    Northern Ireland, UK
    Evening guys, I'm gathering as many resources related to welding as I can to help prime my brain with the technical/scientific aspects that relate to welding. Alot of what I've seen on youtube are usually from awesome weldors based in the US, and It's actually helping.

    I have some background in installing bathrooms with my granddad when I was in school, but I went down the CAD route and ended up doing 3D (albeit for video games, but I drew inspiration and what architectural knowledge to help me produce immersive work).

    There are quite a bit in the links section here, but I'm wondering about how you would start out right now, with todays climate so to speak.

    Damn welding looks fun! Thanks
  2. Cobbler

    Cobbler Codger bodger

    Gloucestershire UK
    The tutorials on the top of the page are as good as you get, have a peruse. Welcome to the forum, lots of info available here.
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