Ultrasonic cleaners..yay..or nay?

  1. Tifa

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    I am soOOooOoOooooo bored at the mo, (lockdown cabin fever bored) so going to start fixing a few old lawnmowers and a rotoravator to kill time. Carbs appear to be sh!tted up, so thinking an ultrasonic cleaner might be the go? Not prohibitively expensive either...about £100 ish?
    So...yeah...nahhh.....what do you recon? Anyone got one please?
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  2. Mick Annick

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    Burgundy, France
    Got one last summer but only used it a couple of times, not as effective as I’d hoped but need to experiment with fluids and times a bit more
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  3. badabec

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    Essex UK
    My cheapo ultrasonic cleaner works fine. I've cleaned carbs in it plus all sorts of nuts and bolts.
    Make sure you use the chip fryer basket. Put small stuff in a fine mesh bag.
    Good on jewellery and for getting rid of the muck around the nose pads of glasses.
    DO NOT place a heavy item into an operating cleaner without the basket. They go pop! Go on, ask me how I know.
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  4. Interestingly it is said that the plastic baskets absorb more of the ultrasonic energy than the wire mesh ones.
  5. Gragson

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    The ones I have work well, they are not a "cure all" to all carb issues but they help a lot, external cleaning to a decent degree of any part is required first. There are a million different opinions to cleaning fluid, my brew works for me - ipa/fairy liquid/water
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  6. angellonewolf

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    bristol england
    i use elbow grease in poundland about 1/6 poss a bit more run a coulpe times rinse in water and air dry with compresser
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  7. bricol Member

    N.Yorks, UK
    Definite yes. But I sued to design them and miss being able to "trial" them.

    Even plain water will work to some degree. Watch for low frequency units - they will thump holes in thin ali components. be careful using anything resembling drain cleaner - while it clean aluminium well, that's because its reacting with it, and the ultrasonics will speed that up by continuing moving he by-products away and allow reach solution to contact fresh metal.

    You have to make sure your liquid actually contacts the part - blind holes will trap air and not clean. Direst "line of sight" to the active working surface of the tank is always good - keep rotating the part. Worth removing all excessive crap from the part before sticking it in.

    The wrong mesh size on a basket will also kill the effect - sometimes a thin solid basket will work better. Plastic and such materials will tend to absorb the energy - but also clean up well - if anyone wants new looking Renault 5 (the one before "papa - Nicole") I have a very clean one that came up lovely.
  8. frank horton

    frank horton V twins are great but 4"s rule.........

    Soon 2 B Crete
    like bricol....
    just love em.....bought a proper fluid for carbs.........even the worst looking monsters will clean up after a couple of treatments.....
    but at times just had to replace the carbs on Strimmers n chainsaws cos it just didn't work.....
    even did the heads on my old m/cycles.....!!!!!!!
    mines a big un can get two 45 DCOE webers in it....
  9. winchman

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    Mines a very old one I swapped for some bits on here, can't fault it i use G101, Elbow Grease of fairy liquid depending what I a cleaning
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  10. Wany Member

    Gloucester, UK
    ^^^^ This. Also clean them manually by hand and use thin wire, like guitar string to ream the passageways/galleries and hot solution works better. I see them as the last stage of carb cleaning; they are like finer grade sanding paper, if you have rust and mill scale you are going to have use something else first.
  11. 8ob

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    moscow on thames
    Carbs get a three pronged attack here, general degunk while still fitted, dropped into a tub of brake cleaned for an overnight soak and then blown off before they go into the ultrasonic tank.

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  12. bc30se Member

    love mine:



  13. cheb Member

    Outer Hebrides
    Might I make a suggestion to those who rave about theirs: Post up make, model, solution and technique please.

    I've got a cheap Ebay special, £100ish several years ago, use whatever degreaser detergent or floor cleaner comes to hand, and run it at over 60 degrees for about 1hour, less if the item isn't too dirty or I'm impatient.
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  14. MBB Forum Supporter

    I have a small cheap one of facebook for£3 I only use it to clean printer inks and it works great I've never used it on other things but the person I bought it off used to clean watch parts and jewelry. I would get one if I was you.

  15. Seadog

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    NE London - UK

    That was always a "definitely DO NOT DO" thing. It only takes a minute scraping of metal to be removed to alter the size.
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  16. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    I have a small one and have used it a fair few times - I just wish I'd gone for a bigger size.....:ashamed:
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  17. angellonewolf

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    bristol england
    ^^^^ I have a solution for you send me yours you will then be with out one that let's you feel free to buy one as you dont have one and ponder on how big you actually need it with the experience of owning one beforehand you can say what size you actually need to buy the right size :D
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  18. MCKDAVID Member

    I have two tanks, a 30litre jobby which is great, if you have 4 hours to wait for it to heat up, which I usually don't...perfect for bike carbs / cylinder heads etc that need a good soaking but useless for small engine carbs which are a quick blast takes too long.. I eventually cracked and bought another tiny 3 litre one which heats up in about half an hour. That gets used 3 or 4 times a week. Both are just generic chinese specials, which needed a wee bit of fine tuning to get working but for the price they've paid for themselves many times over.

    for the small parts, I blagged one of the wifes kitchen strainers, which has a really fine mesh, perfect for the wee carb parts nothing drops out of that when I put it in the main basket.

    intrested in what the guys who do carbs are using for solutions, I'm back to just using demineralised water again, tried a few of these so called dedicated products, even some of those kitchen products and either they do very little, or end up with furry white carb bodies afterwards. I run mine at 60°C, and to date water is the only one that i have confidence that doesn't damage the carbs, there must be others that are more efficient, as I normally do three or four runs through the tank to be sure. Recommendations please...
  19. ukracer Forum Supporter

    Exactly how big Frank. Custom made or Branded?

    I am looking to get one but want to make sure I get a high frequency one with decent capacity that others have got and they know works...
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  20. ukracer Forum Supporter

    Great suggestion..