Trade Murex 160

  1. moose Member

    Hi All, with the font of knowledge on here, I have been offered a Trade Murex 160, for a small sum, (not really sure true value if working) but told it has stopped working, I asked had he checked the fuses, which he said yes.

    Are there any hidden fuses in side etc, I assume he checked the plug. Just trying to work out if its worth buying!
  2. eddie49 Member

    I guess it is a Murex Tradesmig 160 ? The brand name is fairly well known and respected, A unit that is complete, working, and smart-looking externally could go for £200.
    What exactly has "stopped" and what, if anything, is still OK ? For example, light on the front panel when powered on, fan rotates, wire feed motor runs, gas solenoid clicks, main contactor clunks, the arc sparks, or is it just totally "off" ?

    Can you look at the machine yourself, including internally ? If so, with power on and the torch trigger pressed, try pressing the manual operating button on top of the contactor. Take care, mains voltage present !

    You may be planning to check out the fault first, or to buy the welder as-is for a reduced price. In the latter case, I'm sure you can get lots of advice here. It is a traditional transformer-based machine, there's not a lot to go wrong, and it should be repairable - but that is not guaranteed!
  3. moose Member

    Thank you being offered at £50
  4. eddie49 Member

    That sounds like a very fair price. If you don't want it, I'll have it !
  5. kcchan Member

    For that money, I don’t think you can really lose. If it is a real lemon, you could probably weigh it in for half that.

    (also selfishly, I’d possibly be after a small part if it was to get chucked)
  6. moose Member

    I will speak to the gent and buy it.
  7. moose Member

    Update I now have the welder sat in my shed, it has come with gauges, a roll of wire, with another torch, and he has said he will pass on some tips and bits.

    Hopefully might have a go at it this weekend but got several urgent jobs.
  8. moose Member

    Quick up date, I realise that I do not have the earth lead so will try and catch him to see if that slipped his mind.

    Plugged in the machine and the on/off switch does not light up.

    Tried to have a go to see if it was a fuse etc, decided the mains lead was not good so replaced that, still not working changed plug fuse just in case, still not working but looking at the top of the machine could see two fuse holders, believe they are both 1amp, looked at the first fuse, think its intact now realise how badly I need to go to spec savers!

    Looked at the 2nd fuse and I had one metal cap and the glass tube but nothing at the other end, managed to get the cap out and found a replacement fuse (need to confirm its size, think its 1amp), but switched on and the light on the on/off button lit up. Pressed trigger and the wire feed worked, so now to get the earth lead and try it out.

    Might have been a very good £50 spent
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