Tec Arc lead times for non stock machines.

  1. Davey P

    Davey P Member

    Stokesley, North Yorks
    If anyone is thinking of ordering a machine built by Tec Arc, through a welding supply company, beware of their build times if it is a non stock machine.

    I was quoted 18- 21 working days at point of order so around a month. I ordered my Machine on the 5th of April but it’s still not ready and they won’t give me a date for collection other than to say It should be ready next week. I’ve been chasing it for the last couple of weeks and been told it would be ready “next week” for the last 3 weeks now. They still won’t give me a definitive day for collection.

    I’ve contacted both the company through which it was ordered and Tec Arc direct to ascertain a collection date but to no avail.

    I suppose if it’s not for commercial use then it’s less of an issue but in my case the delay has cost me both time and money.

    I should point out that I can’t comment on build quality or any other spect of customer service, I chose this brand based on excellent feedback from owners and a desire to use a local company.

    At this point I’m pretty miffed!
  2. gaz_moose Member

    tamworth staffordshire
    I was pretty miffed when I had to chase mine as that took forever and a day to be made, it seems decent enough though.
  3. snowmanbill Forum Supporter

    Aviemore, Scotland
    I waited an extra couple of weeks over the original quoted date for my Portamig 165 (delivered 10 days ago) but that did include a holiday period. Really worth waiting for - excellent piece of kit.