Sun Sail

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    Had to do a quick job while down in NZ visiting Dad. These sun sails are becoming popular but the instructions require a post 4ft into the ground to support them. It seems when the wind catches it there’s a heck of a load on it all.

    Anyway the space was quite tricky and no way we could dig any major holes nor would the bank support it. So managed to get some steel framing in to support it all.
    Had to be and borrow a bunch of gear but got it done in a day and a bit.


    The support post needed to go as close to the fence as possible due to the size of the sail. The other end is attached direct to the house.
    made a wooden jig of sorts to get the angles right (neither the piles nor the fence were anywhere near vertical ...)


    then borrowed a mates mig to tack it all up. Was a lovely machine to use compared to my 151.... until it blew something inside and started smoking. Badly. So I had to change to dads 40+ yr old transformer arc. The sticks were 20 years old - I know that for sure as I bought them for the last job we used the arc welder for! Anyway, got it stuck together but you’re not getting any close ups of the welds. Haven’t done stick for years and it was slow to come back!


    This is the finished thing in place. Works a treat and managed to arrange it so the sail can be put up without climbing up the bank. Good fun.
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    Is this to provide shelter from the direct rays, move the property to a better postcode [:scared: sorry :laughing:]
    or generate electricity [sorry again :ashamed:] :D
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    :dontknow:is it just me . all I can see is a metal post and a tiny bit of canvas :)
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    Yep it’s one like that. 6m by 6m so a fairly big area.
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