Sticky and can't see a thing!

  1. D4kng New Member

    Manchester england
    Hey guys

    I've just started out with a mig. I am struggling a bit and I am hoping for a bit of help.

    I find that the torch gets stuck to the metal.. and I can't make the classic weld shape?

    I also can't see a thing once it starts sparking. My mask turns from yellow to dark.

    How do I hold the torch should I be moving it in little circles? I've attached a photo!

    Thanks everyone!
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  2. addjunkie

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    Northumberland. Reet oot in the sticks

    The key is to hold the torch and steady with the other hand. If the torch is sticking to the parent your holding it a bit too close.

    Is your mask adjustable shade? If it is you want about 9 to 11 depending how much power you are using. If you need glasses for the distance from your weld to your eyes, wear them under the mask

    Your weld also looks to black around the melted metal is it with gas or gasless. If with gas and you are outside is the gas been blown away, as that looks like grass behind the weld.
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  3. cumbriasteve

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    Welcome to the forum:

    Have a read of this before going any further, then let us know what machine/wire/gas/mask you are using.

    The weld shown is about as bad as it gets and has several issues going on, once we know more we can start to eliminate.
  4. D4kng New Member

    Manchester england
    Hi guys!

    Thanks for the replies and links I will have a read. I was outside but I tried to stay out of the wind. I am using a cheap mightymig 100 without gas but with the apparently gas coated wire. I know it's not the best setup but I wanted to get used to it and not flinch every time it sparks!

    The guy I bought it from got a good weld which was straight with sort of circular ridges with it on some steel plate so I know it can be done I just need to put some time in.

    I found it didn't stick as much when the wire protruded by about 15mm from the nozzle.

    Cheers! ;-)
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  5. D4kng New Member

    Manchester england
    Thanks for the links. Some bl00dy good tutorials there!!!! :-)
  6. Wozzaaah

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    “Gas coated wire” :clapping:
    Not sure that’s been invented yet. :laughing:
    Gasless wire is flux-cored and is essentially a hollow tube with stuff inside it which, when “burned”, forms a protective shield over the weld to keep oxygen in the air away from it.

    15mm stick out is a tad too long, 8-10mm is the recommended length.
  7. mrsbruce

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    Livingston, Scotland
    As another beginner, I found that playing with the wire speed gave me confidence to start to diagnose and help fix my welding problems, many though they are.

    To start with, reduce the wire length, and try a different wire feed setting. Also, does your helmet have a darkness setting, or is it one of those hand held fixed jobbies. If so, invest in a cheap auto adjustable one, as seeing what your doing is half the battle.

    The gasless, flux core wire is a messy way to weld, especially as a beginner, and I bought a gas bottle as soon as I could. I find it just makes it easier to concentrate on all the other stuff I need to get right, and even a bad weld looks way better.

    Best bit of advice given to me, slow down.
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  8. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Also frees up a hand to help steady the torch. :thumbup:
  9. D4kng New Member

    Manchester england
    Thanks guys not sure about my helmet will have a look tonight (it does get darker). Thanks for the clarification on wire type. I will try varying the speed :laughing:
  10. D4kng New Member

    Manchester england
    Had another bash tonight. The wire always seems to weld itself to the tip and then stop feeding... is that because I'm not moving fast enough?

    I don't think the mask is adjustable or I can't figure out how to adjust it.
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  11. D4kng New Member

    Manchester england
    Did a few more runs. I think I have the angle ok. The wire doesn't stick as much but I think I am moving too quickly. Gonna try and move the nozzle a bit slower to get a wider more consistent weld.
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  12. Wightsparks

    Wightsparks Forum Supporter

    Have you checked that you have removed the protective film from both the outside AND the inside of the mask glass and plastic shield - guess how I know about that !:whistle:.
  13. Cadweld New Member

    This is a very common problem. I’m 72 and my eyes have been changing since turning 40. I’ve talked with guys that weld in there 20s they have the same problem to lesser degree. About 5 years ago out of the blue I started to be blinded by the arc/puddle. I tried many things to solve this. I got discouraged and stoped using my welder (Miller 175). I decided to try again. Studied many articles on the internet. Went out to the shop and spent a few hours time and low and behold came across the simple fix for me. Get the recess and the stick out right. View the weld from behind the gun. Start the arc and adjust minutely the gun over the bright spot on the puddle. Let the edge of the puddle be visible just outside the nozzle but blocking the bright puddle from your eyes. This will let you see the part line of your material fairly easy and allow you to see and judge the effectiveness of your ability to melt your material and feed weld wire into the joint. It worked like magic for be. I’m very excited to be welding again. Within an hour of discovering this method I was laying down some pretty (for me) beads.
  14. wacky7791

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    have you got a spare outer plastic shield on the inside of your helmet? looks like there are adjusters behind it?

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  15. Jay1st

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    South West FRANCE
    The black soot looks like a lack of gas when using regular wire and too cold ( not enough amps)

    The gas less wire or flux cored wire will be 0.9mm diameter, it's the only one with this size, regulars will be 0.6-0.8-0.1 etc all even numbers
  16. davidjohnperry a different breed

    If your using gasless you need to drag it not push it like gas shielded wires. And if your nozzle is sticking try going a size up in the contact tip it will help not recommend but it will help also gasless wire needs a longer stick out then you would think.
  17. Ashley Burton

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    If you wire is sticking to your tip, Turn up the wire speed
  18. stuvy

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    How old is the original post?

    plus the OP hasn’t been on since sept 18 2018
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