Stainless exhaust trims

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    I recently got asked to knock up a couple of tailpipe trims for a good friend.. the std ones on his Mini (1 of those big new turbo ones) were looking tired and corroded.. so, 2x 2" stubs on the backbox were to feed 2x 90mm exits...

    First job was to sort the sleeves to go onto the backbox (luckily i know a guy.. and hey presto) 1.2mm wall sleeves


    Unfortunately he only had 75mm or 100mm tube, so.. ebay was called upon and some 90mm x 1.5wall tube appeared


    Things were going well, the laser cutter at work chopped out some 1.5mm 'washers' to join the bits and it was time to weld...

    I dont often get jobs i can put much time and care into so once tacked i figured i'd make the effort... i dug out my Furick 'fupa12' shroud and cobbled up a purge setup:


    Things were looking ok, i probably should have run the postflow for longer, it was silver with light blue tinge when i stopped welding, but after the 4 seconds of gas flow it took on these colours:


    Once stripped down i looked inside and was happy to see:


    Shiny shiny!!!!

    Not perfect, but acceptable:


    Finally... i found a lump of 2" nylon bar with a hole in the middle.. so, a long nut+bolt through the hole.. the slug nipped up in the sleeve... (health + safety ignored) into the pillar drill @100(ish) rpm and a length of scotchbrite wrapped around it gave me:


    And there ya go.... this might help someone do similar...

    Purged @ 8l/m
    Torch @ 12l/m
    Amps @ 40 (for both joints)

    No pedal.. No pulse.. No slope in or out as the piece of crap welder at work cant do either....

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    Nice work :thumbup:
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    Looking good
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