Should I HPI on Main Dealer car?

  1. MoreWellie Member

    Bedfordshire, UK
    looking at buying a used car from a main franchised dealer

    From my reading it looks like I don't need to do my own HPI check if the dealer can produce a certificate for their check, is that correct?

    Mainly thinking about hidden finance or payday loans crawling out of the woodwork later on and it looks to me that this is the dealers problem not mine
  2. Dcal

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    Antrim Northern Ireland
    For the cost why would you not?

    I listened to a recient report on Radio 4 where a woman bought a camper van from a main dealer who went bust after they had sold her an expensive van.
    In the end she lost the van and all her money

    Think it was Money Box.
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  3. Fazerruss

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    West Yorkshire
    I was told by a dealer that it is illegal for them to sell a vehicle with outstanding finance they do all the checks necessary. So in theory you shouldn't need to.
    But in hindsight I never trust dealers.
  4. MoreWellie Member

    Bedfordshire, UK
    good point
  5. richard8166

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    Yes, even main dealers are not always honest...
    I caught out a main dealer with this, so have experience. It wasn't a finance issue, but "mistakes" told to me about the cars history.
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  6. Munkul Member

    Cumbria, UK
    No idea about main dealers, but all decent car traders do their own HPI checks, using decent paid services with a guarantee (for themselves). Like Experian or similar.
    It's not foolproof, though. Sometimes things slip through the cracks... And a different HPI check might show up things that even a good one can miss.
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  7. DAPPH

    DAPPH as dyslexik as I'm daft

    Near to Cross Hands Llanelli SouthWales GB
    Me to a Ford dealer ...Has it been in an accident I'd seen different colour underseals on the lhf front bumper to cab area
    Dealer I don't know doesn't look like it

    My Check ................. Car written off .

    Me to Vauxhall dealer ..
    Yes I'm interested in that Astra , I'll buy it , please service the car for me to collect on Tuesday

    That will be £67 extra , can you pay that separate as cash , as it helps the girls in accounts.
    Yes no probs ( Alarm bells didn't ring I'm well used to be.....trusting )

    I arranged the bank transfer , went to collect the car . they drove it out the parking area for me . I turned the car off & checked the dip stick...…… black oil ... absolute sludge .. oil change not done old filter still in place .

    Dealer " Oh we appear to have missed doing that " .

    Me " I want £ 67 cash refund now or I go to the trading standards office " . I got £70 in my hand from the salesman's wallet .
    Two days later I discovered a flat spot in the 60 to 80 mph ragnge.
    Several attempts by the garage to rectify it they dropped the car lift on the open lefthhand door breaking the window and bending the top door frame & putting a rather big ding in it . Door couldn't be closed .. they paid of it to be fixed. Said the fault had ben sorted new plug leads new dist cap new capacitor . They'd claimed the cost of this off the warrantee insurance . They put it on a Krypton analyser which said there is not a problem .. I was stood watching that one. :D:o :D "Wheelbarrow and garden forks " , parts changers! defo not mechanics .

    It hadn't cured SFA... my pal told me that he'd heard that when his pal purchased a car off them & had problems , they retained the car legally for nearly six months supposedly waiting for parts to effect a repair on his friends car .

    $*)&$£%"%% ! :mad::mad::mad::mad: I could see where this might be going ...

    So I took the vacuum advance & retard tube off the inlet manifold sucked on the tube and found as I'd suspected …. The steel diaphragm on the distributor's advance & retard device was cracked , went to a scrappies got an old one for a fiver , fitted it and ran the car for nearly five years till some " Gent in a Volvo " ran into the back of the car whilst I was stopped at a zebra crossing with the handbrake on & wrote it off for me.

    I've purchased two more cars from main dealers .. the BX19 GTI was a lemon big problems with ABS & suspension , At a different Citroen main dealer the Bx 14 leader was a lemon. Total mileage by me 950 miles , 380 miles into France . First problem,,,, fuel problem tank had lots of clean water in it … I hadn't filled up in France , the gear box fell apart 90 miles later on a steep downward hill , thank goodness I was in second gear and only going down at walking speed ( despite an AA inspection which cost £99 and wasn't worth the paper it was written on ).

    Yeah ..I know, I know :laughing: .................. Citroen means Lemon .

    Call me a cynic .........….I wouldn't trust any car dealer , let alone main dealers .. people sell , trade in or change cars for a reason , finding out the reason can be very very expensive .
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  8. ibrooks Member

    UK Lancashire
    It depends on the dealer - if something like outstanding finance comes to light later then you have comeback on them as the seller (and importantly one who can reasonably be expected to know what they are selling and any faults/defects it has) but if they've disappeared/changed name/re-structured then you're likely to be left holding the lemon.

    "Logbook loans" are secured on the car but apparently don't show up on HPI checks.

    Be aware of what guarantees the check carries - if it has enough get-out clauses then they could make it up and you've not recourse if the car turns out to be stolen.

    There was a rash of "Text us the reg number and we'll check it for free" services. What you got back was a basic check with a premium rate number to call for further info. I saw a lot of reports where the basic check came back with something iffy but not necessarily deal breaking like a colour change when the seller is saying that no it's never been a different colour and there's no evidence of one, so the prospective buyer phones up the premium number to be told "oh sorry that's a mistake on our system - no it hasn't had a colour change". Suddenly that "free" check isn't so cheap after all....... well how did you think they were paying the bills?

    It's not unusual for large dealers to hold cars on "stocking loans" where effectively the cars on the forecourt are all on finance to the dealer and the cash is being used as operating capital. A full HPI check will show this as outstanding finance.
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  9. MoreWellie Member

    Bedfordshire, UK
    convinced, thank you

    @DAPPH I "liked" your entry but only to signify that I appreciated you posting :laughing:

    yes aware of this. I would use but even their terms are pretty tight

    cannot have paid for anything even a deposit, cannot pay in cash, cannot....
  10. CompoSimmonite Member

    Werrington, Stoke-on-Trent
    What about asking dealer if they have done an HPi check and could you see the orginal report - and not a copy ?
  11. anto44

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    I work in a main dealer and we do a full independant check on every car and stick a print out of it in the window. Any dealer that won't provide a print out of a HPI check is hiding something.
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  12. Stueeee

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    N W Kent
    + one more for doing your own HPI. A friend of ours went to trade in her car (bought nearly new from a main dealer several years ago) on trade in, it turned out to have been previously written off; the original dealer is no longer in business, so no redress there. Our friend ended up with a trade in payment of near scrap value for her car.
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  13. R-D-R Forum Supporter

    Derbyshire - England
    do your own checks, i traded a landrover in a few years back dealer cocked up settling the finance I only noticed a few months later when the debit was still coming out my account for it! was a right mess as ownership of the car had been passed on. No idea how they managed it.
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