Sharing your data, or not?

  1. mart

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    I had at least 2 calls from a number I didn't recognise.

    I phoned the number back (01844 398610) to see who it was and what they wanted.

    I'd obscured my No with141 before dialing. They answered straight away saying they were EE. (Lies).

    My suspicions arose straight away, as like a lot of companies EE make you trawl through their boring menu prior to speaking to a person.

    I challenged them etc, and they were soon off the phone.

    As an EE customer I phoned EE and explained the situation. They said the company is called Interact and is one of the partners they use and not part of EE.

    EE explained that this company phones customers offering them an upgrade if eligible.

    So, I wanted to know how some company would know I was eligible (and had got my data). "We gave it to them", the EE rep said. Marvelous!

    I shan't bore you further with the remainder of the call.

    To me this sounds like sharing of my data.
  2. aguycalledsteve

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    I bet if you read the small print of your contract. It'll say something along the lines that by agreeing to the contract you allow them to share your data with third parties that might be of relavance to you as an EE customer.
  3. Wightsparks

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    Not for long! After 25th May (GDPR deadline) they need informed consent - and 1 line in the 30 page of small print doesn't count. Fines of up to 20M eur or 4% global turnover.

    At first glance it's one of the best things to come out of the EU - of course there is always the law of unintended consequences but hey..
  4. mart

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    Stuff written in small print is small for a reason. They don't want you to read it (notice it).
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  5. brightspark

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    well if u were flogging stuff would u put undesirable things in large print and try and hard sell :vsad::laughing:
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    uk Bristol
    This was discussed on radio 4 recently and I found it quite interesting.
    For those of you who are "self-employed" it's worth a careful listen to the program (may have been "you and yours" or "moneybox"). A basic example given was that say as a window cleaner you would have a "LIST" of customers. Thus you have DATA !! They said t try and think of it not as Do I have data but Do I have INFORMATION. So to the self employed read up or listen to the program.
  7. mart

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    Easy to answer that one.
    Stuff I have sold on Flea bay. None of the description in what would be classed as small print. Same size text as body of description.

    I do highlight what I consider to be the good points.