Shall I start Welding?? (Please respond)

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  1. tomasz New Member

    Hi there,

    I live in UK and I am thinking about getting a job. I would like to get a £2000 a month job, I don't have to like a job, it is just about money. I was thinking about welding and I have some questions:

    1. what is the starting wage for a welder? I have heard £12 an hour on contract
    2.can you get more than this? does it progress? I met one welder that has 30 years experience and still gets £12
    3. how long do you have to train to get a job? Is level 1 enough??
    4. Do you need apprenticeship??(how long)
    5. I have heard that pipe welders get even + £4000 (any pipe welders on the forum)
    6. Is it good job for a loner?

    I also consider Fork Lift Truck or Truck Driving, its possibly the same money - which job should I choose?

    Thank You for every response.
  2. rtbcomp

    rtbcomp Moderator Staff Member

    Sheffield UK
    Welcome to the forum.

    The first thing is to learn the job and then convince prospective employers you can do it! Welding is a skilled job and most people don't have the aptitude. In your position I would try to get on a course at a local college (try to avoid high profile training companies, they can be expensive and some have doubtful reputations).

    Alternatively do you know anyone who may give you an hour or two so you can get some idea of what's involved before committing to a course?
  3. Lazurus

    Lazurus Member

    Norfolk uk
    Become a train driver!!! More money
  4. Munkul

    Munkul Jack of many trades, Master of none

    How long is a piece of string?

    depends mainly on three things: location, luck, and skill. In that order.

    Starting out you'll be lucky to get £10/hr and that's after you prove to prospective employers that you are good at what they need you to do. e.g. pipe welding, sheet metal, construction etc

    the fact that you're also considering FLT or truck driving suggests its a job rather than a career that you want, and you really need to be a career welder to be any good. So unless you have been tinkering and fabricating stuff since you were a child, and really want to be one of these guys who get sweaty, grimy and physically exhausted every night humping steelwork around, then perhaps consider an easier way to make money...
  5. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    Lorry drivers earn more plus you need to be interested in the work rather than the pay check at the end of the week
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  6. Lordspectre

    Lordspectre If it aint broke, tinker with it anyway

    Mig welders starting out of welding school/ a course get between €9.80 and €12 an hour depending on HOW WELL you can actually weld. some places will hire based on experience, others based on how good you world's are. Its a dirty, painstaking, bone aching, tireing job that's not for everyone. Many of us love it....some do it just for a job and hate it. Best of luck in whatever you do
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  7. MattF

    MattF Member

    South Yorkshire, England
    Wouldn't a lot of us. I think you may need to alter your expectations & look at reality. You may end up on that money, whichever job/trade you pick eventually, but it's going to be a long hike on probably far less to get there, assuming you ever do.

    Good luck, btw. Not meaning to sound gloomy, but better to just start with realistic expectations than to suffer eternal disappointment.
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  8. premmington

    premmington Member


    Good answer! LOL :doh:
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  9. premmington

    premmington Member

    Wages... I went into a factory the other day - agency forklift drivers were on the same rate per hour than coded pipe welders and fitters. I was drinking tea in a tea room with a group of lads - it did shock me a bit :doh:.

    If you wanna earn some money - get into building work.

    Mechanical and electrical trades have never paid that much money.

    Oh... £500 a week - take home pay - is not allot of money these days if you have a house and family to run.

    Plus... As I tell everybody else (young people) - every pound you don't spend is one less pound you don't have to earn!

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  10. Richard.

    Richard. Forum Supporter

    Hi Tomasz,
    You can’t just “be” a welder. Like any respectful trade you have to become a welder through training.
    £12 an hour is actually a half decent rate nowadays for a production welder/fabricator and certainly not what a novice is likely to be start on.
    Pipe welders earn decent money yes but £4K take home is £70k a year. Probably a bit optimistic there I’d say unless you start working abroad but again it’s not relevant because it’s not something you can just be. It takes many many hours of solid arc time to pass a pipe code from scratch.
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  11. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    If your after a quick buck car trading is it or bikes for that matter

    I once made a £17k profit for sitting on a bike for 3 years
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  12. eLuSiVeMiTe

    eLuSiVeMiTe Member

    Bedfordshire England
    Yup. There's money to be made in the building Trades.
    Work hard for my money mind you.
    Killer week but paid well.
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  13. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

    Are you talking 2k take home after tax etc? An experienced decent guy could achieve that fairly easily given a little bit of extra overtime too.

    You say you dont have to like the job.... each to their own, but its a lot tougher earning a crust when you dont like the job.

    I know a few self employed guys that probably easily earn 4k a month, Infact one i know is on twice what I get working on the books at the same place, doing the same job.

    But- hes on short term contracts, supplies hiw own welder (4K worth of tig plant) all his own other gear, pipe stands, power tools, pays an accountant to do his records...doesnt get overtime rates...doesnt get paid holiday... doesnt get paid sick....

    I rock up in the morning, use the company welders, powertools, book a few days off and get paid for it, wages goes into my bank without giving it a second thought...get paid extra for starting early/working Saturday... when it comes down to it, I imagine we end up with a similar amount of money that is actually ours over the year.
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  14. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    I was tempted to ask for this thread to be locked as it’s no way near to the real industry or the hobby just a money grabbing tool
  15. fizzy Member

    There is a huge shortage of lorry drivers in the UK. Training is pretty quick but not cheap - you will need to spend around £2000 to £3000. You should be able to start with an agency straight away. If you work hard you should take home £500 to £600 a week driving articulated lorries.

    Welding is much more specialised and it takes longer to learn the skills.
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  16. premmington

    premmington Member


    Train driver is very responsible job - you can get a lot of living people on a train - hundreds.
  17. Migmac

    Migmac Forum Supporter

    Kintyre. Scotland
    Get a job you like, money is not everything. My job pays under the national average but I’m happy. Careful budgeting and I and my family can do most things we want. If I want a new toy, I save.

    With no experience you are not going to get top money
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  18. Munkul

    Munkul Jack of many trades, Master of none

    "shall I get a job?" he asks. :dontknow:
  19. slim_boy_fat

    slim_boy_fat Forum Supporter

    Easier buying Lottery tickets. :whistle:

    I'm beginning to suspect there may be one of these in our midst :scared:

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  20. Kent

    Kent Member

    Bowland, Lanacshire,UK
    If you get £12 an hour after being able to show some basic level of skill you will be a poor banning the UK areas that might have to pay that - because it costs a lot to live ing those areas .
    In The North you likely won't condescending job without experience that is backed up with qualification and for lower skilled youyour looking like £8 ph.

    Pipe and other high skilled tasks just isn't on The spectrum employed for you . Self employed perhaps but then your going to have to train and qualify and that's years not months , but
    D up thousands of pounds of gear and pay for tests . Also I know a lot of good welders who are working as other things filling inbetween contracts ( little oil and gas stuff about presently ) this drastically reduced the annual pay.

    From £8 hour employed in production work £14-£20 higher skilled employed with quake and years of experience. Going to leave pipe contracts because it seems more attractive per hour than it will be annually and 40% tax takes a fair cut also not to mention buying the kit and van and accommodation
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