Sealey 170/1 Gas solenoid install

  1. Zam91 New Member

    Hello everyone, I've got a sealey 170 mig welder but im trying to find where i can connect a gas solenoid to, looks like the previous owner tried to wire it directly to the motor however on low speeds there's not enough voltage to trigger the solenoid and motor :/
    when i turn up the speed it works fine but only towards the higher end, not suitable for thin sheet metal which i do.
    has anyone got a wiring diagram and possibly tell me how to wire in the gas solenoid with its own seperate power feed? i think its a 12v solenoid.
    thanks in advance
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  3. mike 109444

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    uk Bristol
    You might need to post up a pic of the pcb and maybe the inside of machine as Sealey don't seam to have access to non current model info
    and welcome BTW :hug: