Rust Treatment

  1. bengyb Member

    West Sussex UK
    So I've started cutting out the rot from my Ford Galaxy today.

    The first repair is the box section outrigger / jacking point.

    Before i plate over I need to treat the surface rust on the areas that are not being replaced.

    What would you lot recommend?

    I was thinking some sort of rust neutralisor then weld through primer and final waxoyl cavity spray once welded. 2019-06-13_06-48-06.jpg
  2. grim_d

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    Scotland - Ayrshire
    The only permanent treatment for rust is removal.

    Neutralisers/converters are pretty much snake oil in all but the lightest of surface rust cases.

    Your best bet might be to remove as much as possible with wire wheels or similar then saturate with a corrosion Inhibitor...but not waxoyl, it's muck.

    You could remove as much as you can then paint with a marine epoxy primer such as jotamastic then over the top with an inhibitor.

    Don't bother with weld through primer IMO, it burns off just the same.

    Be careful with anything you do use as it or its vapours will likely be flammable.

    In reality, whatever you do will now likely outlast the car as it looks like it's nearing the end of the line.
  3. slim_boy_fat

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    I'd think all that area would need to be wire-brushed back to bare metal - you could then try whichever rust convertor you decide is best for your available application method, budget etc
  4. zzr1200

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    Agree with wire brushing first (possibly rotary wire wheel), I've been using "Hammerite Rust Remover Gel" at work, which then hardens so you can paint over it, seems to work well enough for the scabby paint on the booms.
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  5. daedalusminos Member

    Don't be afraid to cut out more than absolutely necessary - it often makes the repair easier.

    In the case of the outrigger you could quite easily fabricate the whole outrigger (or possibly buy a replacement) you would only need to plug weld along the spot flanges.

    Any surface rust that is left can be removed with citric acid (Bilthamber sell a gel version)
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  6. bricol Member

    N.Yorks, UK
    Be careful with wire wheeling - you might think you've done a good job - so stop and scratch it with a screwdriver - you'll probably see rust again as you usually tend to polish the rust so it looks better.
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