RoRo door repair

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    I quick repair to RoRo door for my mate demo company. The lads chuck these things around with the grabs on the machines so they don’t stay straight for long!

    The door was like a banana so I replaced the top and bottom section, end and middle vertical section and fabricated a new lock plate.

    The box section was 80mm x 80mm x 3mm box. I removed the top section first and using 6 Carver clamps I tacked it in place and brought the top of the sheet steel back straight. I then did the same to the bottom rail before lobbing off the vertical sections.

    The lock plate was made from 15mm plate and 20mm round bar.

    All done on site with an Arcgen and LN25 WFU, 9”, 4.5” grinders and plenty of clamps and a tape measure.

    No doubt it’ll be like a banana in no time again though
    • 7700F86C-C6FC-47C7-80AF-28B84A4D1FAC.jpeg
    • 80F5A8E1-C17B-4376-A3CF-CDEBD04E17CD.jpeg
    • 51B52FA0-7588-4851-83C7-DDA24D630763.jpeg
    • BA55C815-90DF-473B-B5B7-2E88991FD235.jpeg
    • 0D65D6FC-7EAF-41A9-9E8A-87C3C1E4EC90.jpeg
    • 45688BF0-1F2F-423C-8F55-AF65433BAEC1.jpeg
    • EA8D6929-7BE1-44BB-84D0-62B2AE9174C0.jpeg
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  2. Pete.

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    Kent, UK
    Nice repair job.

    That one looks more like it's had a big old heavy lump inside which has slid into the door when the hookloader has lifted it. The grab or digger guys love to use that top bar to drag them about so it's usually the bar that gets mangled first.

    I very often load large single lumps into the 20yd skips but I'm careful to make sure they are against the door so the above doesn't happen. The skip guy said they had one burst the door open before.
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  3. davidjohnperry a different breed

    Forever repairing stuff dad breaks nice job tho
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