Really bright torch?

  1. Hi all, after being on a few cadets activities over the last couple of weekends i realised quite how dim my old incandescend 3 d cell mag lite is.

    i am looking at the new type LED torches, the mag lite LED 3d looks an alright choice but the LED is only 3.1watts then on ebay there is many at at least 15watts

    i am torn between the LED MagLite 3cell, The LED Lenser P14 and the LED MagLite 6cell

    any uther ideas/suggestiuns?
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    We had a couple of torches down a culvert earlier in the year, p1553d all over the big LED Lenser that one of the guys had. Trouble is I can't recall the make, but I do recall someone saying they were £175 each :o
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    Solarforce. I've got two types of their torches, one a broad beam and the the other a "thrower" for the rifle. Both very well made, and they take the 19680 type battery so they last ages before requiring a charge.

    ordered from them both via ebay and their site and was very happy with the speed
  4. tigler Expert on the trivial

    Look at Surefire stuff, totally amazing !
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    I know it's totally impractical (silly even) - but I couldn't help bring up Wicked Lasers Torch in this thread! :)

    In addition to pumping out a blinding 4100 lumens (just about every other commercial flashlight clocks in at well under 100), the Torch is supposed to be able to set fire to paper, melt plastic and even scramble eggs.

    See it in action melting an iPad

    LOL, the batteries only last 5 minutes (I imagine that is one of their lesser concens)
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    Second that.
    I have something like 5 maglites. To big to go in my pocket so I still have a problem finding one;-)

    I bought a surefire 200lumen single mode torch. It came with 18650 battery and charger, all in it was just under a tenner!
    It's great.
    I bought it in November and figured I would get one as an xmas present for someone. I bought a multi mode 1000 lumen torch for him and as he was obviously not going to like the multi mode[the flashing modes can be annoying] I kept that one;-)
    I keep it in my pocket and use it a lot, I have had to charge the battery once since I have had it. It lights up the garage at the bottom of my garden, about a hundred yards away, really brightly on max brightness, I don't think the 6D maglite was as good! I use it on minimum setting in the garage as it's to bright otherwise.
    Some people don't like the bright blue white light.
    It's funny the first time you watch a milling cutter, or the fan in the oven illuminated with it;-)

    Just realised I made a mistake Surefire are the expensive ones, elcheapos,[the ones I have] are Ultrafire.
  7. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Enthusiast have a great selection of torches ;) it'll be hard to pick if you start looking on there though haha
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    I have a 2d led torch (well three) and there bright enought for everything I want
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    If you have already have a mag light then why not just buy a new led bulb that converts it.
    I also have a 3 cell mag with nearly flat batteries which I did just that. The results are amazing even with knackered batteries. Its the closest thing to getting arc eye without a welder!
    The bulbs are available off ebay for about £14 and well worth it.
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    A bloke on another forum I read is selling a Thrunite Catapult V2 which throws out 1000 lumens. That's bright for a hand torch. Heinnie Haynes' site is great I've had a few bits from there and the despatch time is unbelievably fast.
  11. Weldinator

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    Jesus i wish i hadnt looked on that site im gonna spend a fortune now!
  13. Fazerus, just baught an LED bulb for it and i'll see what it's like

    i still want a new one!!

    im torn between this


    and this

    my budget is abut £50 but if i get a slightly cheaper one with the lithiumn batteries i'llj just buy a whole load of spare batteries...
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    We go camping a lot (caravanning) so over the years we have built up a collection of Maglites. I have an LED one and its good but not as good as the MILLION CANDLEPOWER stuff you can get (loads on ebay). You can get one for about a Tenner, maybe a bit more. Ive got aS few, a massive 10 million one that shines for miles but its about 350mm diameter and a small HALF MILLION one thats good for walking the dog. You can spend a lot more and not get anything as good. They seem to last. Ive only had one that packed in and Id had it years.

    I think the Maglite is more of a weapon these days..........Security men seem to carry the massive ones

  16. Stuvy, i feel the same mate, :dontknow::sheep:

    cheers weldinater, i have a few kacked drills!
  17. Ragnarok

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    yeah I ordered a helle GT knife from there one evening and got it the next morning!
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    I have an LED Lenser and like it very much. It's one of the smaller ones, but is pocket sized and very bright - fine for what I need it for. I don't know how it compares against the physically bigger torches.
  20. PTvor Member

    Try the Candlepower forum where they are really into torches.

    I've got 4.

    A 2 million candle power QI lantern. You can get them anywhere for less than £20. It's got a 55W bulb. It lasts about 20 minutes on a charge. It's certainly bright. It's like a car headlamp. I think the bulb is too powerful for the 4.5 AH battery and it's on the limits for it. I'll get a 20 or 25W bulb when I can find one.

    There are 1 million candlepower ones too. They look to be much the same but with a smaller reflector. You can get them for a tenner or so.

    Another one with a 10W QI bulb and a 4.5AH battery. It lasts a couple of hours. It came from B&Q for £2. It was being sold off because it had no charger. They are normally about £15.

    Both of these have lead acid batteries. The problem is that they lose capacity if you don't charge them as soon as you've used them. If you don't use them for a time, you are recommended to charge them anyway.

    A 4 D cell Maglite look alike. Not impressive.

    A 4 D cell lantern with a xenon bulb. It cost a fiver. It could be used with a lantern battery. Should be about the same power as the Mag-lite look alike, but has a bigger reflector and it's a better light. I use that with NiMH batteries.

    The 4 D cell lantern is the one I use the most. It gives a good enough light for most things. It can sit on the ground and has an adjustable stand. You haven't got to be religious about charging the batteries and you can use D cells or a lantern battery if stuck.

    It depends what you want and what you are prepared to pay.

    I find the 2 million cp one a bit over the top for most things. I don't like the colour of the light of LED torches.