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  1. Simon.b

    Simon.b Member

    I bought a R-Tech Mig 180 about 6 months ago and it’s been a absolutely cracking little machine. Then last week it went pop for whatever reason.

    I rang R-Tech straight away and the next morning I had a loan machine at my unit and they took my machine away to repair. A few days later it’s delivered back to me fully repaired any working sweet.

    Many people have said about the service from R-Tech but first hand I can not recommend them enough. The guys on the phone can’t do enough to help and the machine is cracking even if it did breakdown!

    if your looking for a small MIG go and buy one!
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  2. gt6s Member

    Newtownards Co Down Northern Ireland
    It appears loads of folk need to avail of R techs support services.
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  3. doubleboost

    doubleboost Member

    Newcastle upon Tyne England
    I wonder what share of the market they have
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  4. skotl

    skotl Forum Supporter

    Edinburgh, UK
    29,000 odd members on here and if I was to try counting the number of people who talk about using R Tech's support services I think it's probably a couple of dozen or so.
    Depends on your definition of "loads" of course - certainly see more people supportive of R Tech than negative about them.
  5. Fazerruss

    Fazerruss Member

    West Yorkshire
    I wonder what percentage of Rtech machines have had to be returned during warranty in comparison to other reputable brands.
  6. Gareth0123

    Gareth0123 You'll need 16 pigs to do the job in one sitting!

    Norwich, Norfolk, UK
    Not me, I've never had to test how good their after sales service support is.
    My (all bought new) three R-Tech machines, 250-1mig, DC200amp tig and P30C plasma have worked really hard over the last five years: my R-Tech 250-1 mig having laid 2800kgs or 2¾ tons of 0.8 mig wire without missing a beat.
  7. Burdekin

    Burdekin Chief Bodger

    yep, how many stories like this on here; machine failed but they sent me a new one, what great customer service. I suppose the brands that have machines that don’t fail after 6 months have rubbish customer service. :-)
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  8. Rannsachair

    Rannsachair Forum Supporter

    Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland
    I have had an R-Tech P30c for 5 years and a Mig180 for 4 years, I have not needed to test their after sales either. Though both have been lightly used.
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  9. pressbrake1

    pressbrake1 Forum Supporter

    essex england
    You will not read or see threads on positive comments on multi thousand pound machine makers putting in the effort on after sales.
    This is from personal experience.
    Ive had rtech repair stuff after supplier/manufacturer couldn’t give a damn
  10. Richard.

    Richard. Member

    I don’t know exactly but if your referring to the uk welding equipment market on the whole then their share is going to be tiny. Minuscule.
    They only deal directly from 1 outlet and have a target audience limited to hobby diy users.
    I’m visiting fabrication shops on a daily basis all over the uk and I can’t honestly remember the last time I saw one.
    You’ve got WTL and jasic machines all over the shelves of the nations welding suppliers. Their market share is going to be miles bigger.
    I don’t know the Rtechs in side warranty failure rates but if I had to take a stab in the dark honestly I’d say it was quite high on certain products not all.
    I’m not picking on Rtech fans I’m just saying what I believe.
    I think their digital tig sets are not bad at all and performance wise they do a decent job.
    I think the plasmas want chucking in the skip
    That’s my view.
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  11. stuvy

    stuvy Member

    Is that why they have so many discount shop soiled machines every week?
  12. hotponyshoes Member

    Somerset. Uk
    I think the whole rTech business model is built around customer service. No good for industry where a welder out of action costs you £000's a day in lost production but no problem for most hobby users.

    You can buy mostly the same stuff directly from china for 1/3rd of the price.
    Buy it in bulk and I expect they are paying 1/4 of the price if that.
    If half the stuff they sell needs complete replacement they would still be making 50% profit.
    If they can make a few good machines up from a few broken ones and sell them as shop soiled plus sell a few extended warranties that helps as well.

    I know quite a few hobby users that are pretty loyal to the brand and tend to stick with them.
    My main worry with purchasing anything more than a few quid from china is the low chance of getting a warranty issue sorted out and rTech cover that problem nicely.
    The users all seem happy enough with the performance of the stuff and it's all half the price (or less) of high end european kit.

    I think a lot of people only internet shop as well, if you go on the ewm/cebora/fronius/etc website and look at the rrp's then rTech might be the only sensible option. Few hobby users seem to go into a dealer and haggle on the price and not that many dealers offer massive discounts unless you are a factory buying 10 units at once.

    A lot of users there concerned about warranty in the first place will not be looking for used kit so they are going to get swayed by the (rightly deserved) rTech reputation and the fact you can extend and transfer the warranty seems to keep the used prices up as well which must help with new sales.
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  13. ukracer Forum Supporter

    I have once. I was sent a new Plasma torch (free of charge) as the original ones were not good. I call that great support.
    That said I have 3 machines that I would most certainly not been able to afford or buy because I cant save but I can pay off debt.

    If I was running a business and was a welder whoi could see the difference between an expensive machine I would consider my options .

    As for reputable what exactly do you mean by reputable? Do you mean machines where you pay extra for the Brand? agaion if I was a runner I would look at Nike at 180 quid but as the only time I run is to the came counter when I see the last one left all on its own and a another person eying it up.....I will stick to Aldi specials. I get a good 6 months out of Aldi specials and I wear them daily.

    I said I would not post on R Tech threads as they get spoiled but seriously I dont see people posting in threads questioning why someone had to take their Miller or Parweld back. I just fail to see what people get out of savaging a post about good service in this day and age.
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  14. minimutly Member

    Pembrokeshire Wales
    I have a GYS plasma, the skip would be too good a place for it.
    Just thought a little balance would help.
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  15. ukracer Forum Supporter

    I guess the logic is if you are shifting lots every week you are bound to get shop soiled. I have seen how a lot of stuff is shipped from China. My support for R Tech is because they also saw that and built a business by adding parts not sold in machines shipped from china. They also check each machine before sale etc as they used to have boards made to their specification and fitted during rework.
    This used to be the case I have not visited for probably 4 years.
    what I would say is these guys are not stupid and constantly evaluate a fluid market and I would guess the newer the model the newer the technology. As Richard has said their digital ones are proving very respectable even for his high standards. ;)
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  16. ukracer Forum Supporter

    LOl I dont have a CUT 50 but cant see any need to chime in everytime a cut 50 users coments on them. ;) And I am sure some users have one and it probably does what they need.
  17. Burdekin

    Burdekin Chief Bodger

    LMFAO, it’s a forum and that is the premise of it, folks commenting.
  18. skotl

    skotl Forum Supporter

    Edinburgh, UK
    Let's talk about Skoda vs Volvo vs Ford vs BMW
    Or xbox vs ps4
    Or Spurs vs Arsenal
    Or Android vs iPhone

    We're a tribal lot :D
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  19. Fraserb

    Fraserb Member

    Scottish Borders
    no interest
    rugbys better
    Job sorted.
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  20. skotl

    skotl Forum Supporter

    Edinburgh, UK

    there you go - we're agreed, then!
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