Quick question :)

  1. vwjaz Member

    Can anyone say how they prep their metal?

    I grind until my arm gives up

    Do yous use Weld thro primer and anti-splatter?

    What have yous found that seems to always work?

    Any suggestions welcome :cool:
  2. malcolm

    malcolm Hej!

    Bedford UK
    I tend to use a cold chisel and angle grinder to cut out rusty metal and then use the grinder to prepare the metal I'm going to weld until it's shiny with no rust. Even the smallest amount of rust messes up the arc and causes spatter.

    I've never used weld through primer or anti spatter spray. I waxoyl box sections after the job is finished. Anything else is accessible with a paintbrush or seam sealer.
  3. vwjaz Member

    Thanks Malcolm, I thought I had to use weld thro hence I have been, but might not next time...I didn't find the anti-splatter much use but then re-read it and it's only supposed to help taking of splatters afterwards easier :rolleyes:

    Really pooped now, had a hell of a day, nightmare with the beetle engine, it tells you to drill the casing and then low and behold spring and oil leak :( I hope weve sorted it out now putting it back in tomorrow then it will be make or break time...folks will be able to hear me nationwide if it doesnt go right :o

    I asked the main question as I was curious to know if anyone had found things that worked, cheers :cool:

    Right I think I'm going to crash out now soooo tired