Powercraft (Wolf) gas/no gas 30-135 Mig

  1. AngeloC New Member

    Wales, UK
    I have been welding my VW camper - so lots of welding !!!
    My mig has coped well and I have been welding with gas but as it's outside and it became windy changed over to no gas and altered the polarity to suit. All was going very well until yesterday - I put a new coil of wire in and it feels as though I cannot control the power output - I am getting high powered on the lowest setting - it sounds like a mig on steroids ha ha. So from running nice short seams I am blowing through. The only thing I have done is change the nozzle - it's 0.8 instead of the recommended 0.9 - would that make a difference.
    The wire I am using is the same flux core I used previously with no problems
    The power selector seems smooth and not gritty.
    Help - mid job!