Portable Bandsaw Stand

  1. norlander

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    Europe, mocycling paradise
    Looked at buying the the ones on the market because:

    I was put off making one due to:

    Jody @ WT&Ts saying he would not bother making another one-just buy one

    The usual youtube vids seemed to make it look complicated.

    However, looking at what was on offer, did not suit my needs,

    SWAG Off road- air vent blocked

    Trick Tools- too much noncing about mounting/demounting and I have a Femi horizontal saw already

    So, I made my own, took me about mabe 3 hours including paint-big anti climax-thought it would be an all day job and then some.


    I took pics at each stage but can't be faffed with the poncing about it takes to upload them-I lost the will to live-so it looks like that and works a treat.
    All the vents are clear, and it takes me less than a minute to set up and take down.
  2. Domeo_jones Member

    Bucks England
    That looks incredible... so need a little bandsaw for doing my mini restoration. And as space in a single garage is a little cramped that is epic... would you send the plans or sticky them.on here
  3. slim_boy_fat

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    Reduce the file size, they load much faster then. ;)
  4. indy4x

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    I think the OP was referring to the process of shrinking, uploading and sticking them in the thread rather than the upload time
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