Penetration & fusion - Part 4

  1. MichaelV

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    Co. Antrim
    This time, another 7016 classed electrode, but a double-coated hybrid. Personally, I'm fond of these as they are eejit-proof and it's easy to achieve a nice flat profile and excellent penetration.

    Position & material:
    PB (2F), tee joint between 10 mm thick mild steel, rolled flat bars with rolled edges.

    3 passes each side with 3.2 mm, 7016 (Bohler Phoenix Spezial D), DC positive, 125A, zero arc force. Passes were made on alternating basis. The rods were not baked or heated, and have been out of the vacpac for months, albeit stored in a rod tube.

    Again, no arc force/dig is used, but as would be expected these 7016 eat in very well. This time, penetration into both the vertical and horizontal faces is equally deep. The rolled edges largely disappear and the toes are nicely washed in.

    Michael 01.jpeg
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