Parweld XTM171C fault

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    I've had my welder for some years now and it's done a lot of work. I switched it on today and noticed a click when plugging into the mains as if a solenoid had been energised. Then I switched on the welder at its switch and attempted to use it. It was then I noticed gas was already coming out the nozzle. Then touched the wire to the earthed metal work and it arced without touching the trigger. Has anyone any ideas what it could be?
  2. rkde

    rkde Me called Richard

    Solihull, UK
    Mine did this, I was told the PCB had died and it was not economical to repair but that was the previous generation - to be fair Parweld gave me a replacement 3 years in to the XTM181C - I would contact them from some help
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    It sounds like the welder has powered most of the functions ( gas, arc ) continuously - but not wirefeed ? Anyway, the most common reason would be that, as rkde says, there's a fault on the PCB. There may be a small relay in a plastic case on that board, this usually controls the larger Contactor for the main transformer. If the case is transparent, or removable, check if the relay has stuck "on" or if the contacts have welded together. If not visible, you may have to use an Ohmmeter to check the contacts. If you need further advice, post a photo of the PCB.
    There may not be a small relay on the PCB, sometimes the initial switching is done by an electronic component - a Triac, but this can probably be fixed too.
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