Painting steel rims

  1. Wheely

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    Accra- Ghana
    Hey guys,

    I am painting the original Land Rover Defender steel rims (attached)- I would be using the vehicle for overlanding so between mud and sand.

    I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether UPOL Gravitex stonechip paint would be suitable for this use rather than a normal base coat/hardener and clear coat?

    Otherwise I was thinking of Jotun epoxy Jotamastic 80?

    If nor of the above are fine would the following be the standard process:

    1- epoxy primer
    2- base coat
    3- after first coat is dry - give it another coat
    4- once the two layers of base coat is dry put the clear coat
    Will this make the color on the rims strong enough against chips?

    thanks for your suggestions.

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