Old installation has 6mm cable supplying 8.5kw shower unit.

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    Distance to unit is around 2m and no signs of over heating . This scenario is very often in old installations. Also is hard to find shower unit under 7.5kw please someone help. Maybe my calculations are wrong or I don't see something . I notice that many of engineers don't run new feed for 8.5kw unit and I like to know why... Many thanks
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    the majority of 8.5kw showers can be run on 6.0mm cable depending on installation methods. if cables are clipped direct you can go up to 9.0kw up to about 10 meters away but given that most instalations the cable will be partially buried or under insulation its reduced to 8.5 kw .if its installed in conduit or in insulated walls it would have to be increased to 10.0mm cable
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