New Wolf 140T

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    Hi, new to the forum and first post. I bought a Wolf 140T ex-demonstrator, which came without a manual etc. I've done a bit of stick welding, so thought I'd have a go with a mig, hobby only. Got it working fine and been doing lots of practice on spare bits of metal, would class myself as moving up from"bloody awful" to "really not that good yet". Thing is, I need to order more wire for it, it only came with a little reel. Does anyone know whats the largest reel it can take 0.8mm? Also, please confirm if the tips are M5 or M6? I can't get to mine to check at the moment as locked away and we're all on lock down, just want to get some spares ordered from when we get the chance to get out again. Cheers, Matt
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    There's a link to an amazon product page in the thread that sbf referred to:

    According to that page it's .6 or .8 mm wire:

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