New to me welder snap-on ya212a industrial

  1. RefinishingJon New Member

    United States of America
    Hey guys, Jon here, I have recently purchased a snap-on ya212a industrial might welder with tig capabilities, old machine but works like new!(new in 1991) I was curious if anyone here has or has used one before, if there's anything I should know about the machine, just need input! I mainly do auto body collision work so will be using the machine for tack welding 16ga patch panels, and soon doing frame/suspension work on my own projects. Also just purchased the tig torch for it because I'm very interested in learning tig!
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  2. mike 109444

    mike 109444 Member

    uk Bristol
    Hi Jon. It seams in the UK that Snapon put there stickers on Cebora "MIGs" so could be that it's similar in US ?
    Might be worth looking for (googling) older Cebora mig/tig and selecting images in the search as then you might find one that matches yours and could look up it's details.
    And welcome BTW:hug: