New mig bester 190C

  1. roblane65

    roblane65 Member

    Newcastle UK
    well I managed to get a few hours with the new machine this afternoon and it impressed me.
    I managed some decent and terrible welds,didn't have that much in the way of scraps but made do.
    did some quite thin sheet and managed a few beads and laps without any blow throughs
    also did a bit of 3 and 5mm fillets which got a bit better after changing the front screen on the mask .
    the wire speed and voltage controls are very fine so a bit fiddly with gloves ( could have done with detents on the knobs ) any way the question is the parameters in the cover are based on 80/20 gas mix but I'm using 95/5 so should I drop the voltage a bit as to that stated as my starting point. I'm going to have to start taking notes (!) of the settings for the decent welds .So tomorrow hopefully a few more hours before I start the trolley build.
  2. Doughza New Member

    I really would like to see some videos come up on YouTube that cover the set up and detailed use of the 190C machine. There are a few but none cover anything in detail
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