my (Wolfweld) mig welder

  1. just recently bought my wolf weld turbo cooled gas/gasless wleder and from the bad reviews i have heard this is brilliant and i only paid 120 for it brand new its a non live torch with 30-135 amps output with 6 settings and wire feed speed adjustments. it came with mask, hammer, 4x o.6mm tips 4x 0.8mm tips 2x 1.0mm tips and 2 shrouds with a disposable bottle of co2 and a regulator with 0.6mm spool of wire and a 0.9mm spool of gasless wire

    i have had some good wleds with this and its great value for money 120 delivered to my door brand new in box.

    just a question if i ever need a new torch or liners where will i get parts from is it the same as the clarke

    thanks any comments or views appreciated
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  2. weldequip Forum Sponsor

    You won't, that's why it was cheap.
    "Good value" will tell in a few months time if/when it fecks up & you need support; sorry, not trying to be a smart ****, it's just the way things are ;)
    EDIT: Copper tips & gas shrouds shouldn't be a problem
  3. GeorgeB pre-moderated

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    It's a pity that Wolf went bust earlier this year. I suspect it was partially a consequence of simply selling stuff at way below it's true value. So, I agree with you, your machine is great value. I got a virtually identical welder through Aldi, badged 'Powercraft'.

    Many/most of these DIY MIG welders are produced in Italy and they draw from a common pool of generic components, so getting replacement parts needn't be too much of a problem at all. For example, one wire feed liner is much like another and I've successfully taken up a forum tip of using a cheap curtain liner. It works a treat. Why should you ever need a new torch? But, if you do, no problem: there are many MIG welding torches which will fit your welder. Perhaps the weakest link is the wire feed drive assembly, which is identical or similar to those fitted to SIP machines (so readily available too). After several months use it might benefit from some enhancements as explained elsewhere on this forum. Or maybe not - it's the chance you take but, at that price it's worth it, in my opinion. Good luck to you.
  4. thanks guys yeah its the same as power craft mke but i love it.

    as to spare parts sounds good to me that i can use sip wire drive assemblys etc what are the most common parts that do go wrong apart from the obvious tips shrouds etc?????

    and how much would replacement wire drive asemblys and torch liners be??? and how hard are they to fit

    sorry to ramble on i know its working fine just thinking of long term use thats all cheers all to that have helped me
  5. malcolm

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    Uuurm. I'm not wholly convinced you've picked up on the best advice there. A wire feed system from another welder might fit if you make extra holes for it. But it might not.

    Tips and shrouds will be the main consumables you'll need. Apart from that if it breaks it breaks. You'll not have lost much unless you buy another one to replace it.