Migatronic 500MX Usermanual

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    Hello Are, and welcome to the Forum !
    The link you quoted above leads to a login request. Did you try the "Create User" option ?
    What is the issue that you are facing on the 5000MX ?
    Many of the Migatronic parts are similar between various models. For example, this thread has a PCB schematic which may still apply to your machine:
  3. Are Einar Omholt New Member

    Thank you edie49.

    I did create a user but still noting in their archive online.
    The issue I had (which is sorted now) was no reaction while pressing the trigger. Solution was cleaning connections on the control voltage trafo.

    As for the similarity with other models; The documentation in the thread you provided is the closest I could find while searching. The control PCB seems similar and so does the controls. User manual for the 180MX also covers 5000MX.

    There is one external adjustment for the PCB and one on the PCB. I would like to know the settings/function for these two (especially the external) from a service manual and a general schematic for the 5000MX.
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    Perhaps you could ask Migatronic in Denmark directly for a user manual: E-mail: sales@migatronic.dk
    Failing that, maybe someone on the Forum who has that machine could upload an original manual.
    I think that on the front panel to the right there is a 3-way Mode switch, which selects Continuous, Spot, or Stitch welding. Above this is a potentiometer to adjust the Spot time, or the time interval between Stitches.
    On the PCB, the pre-set potentiometer is either for the "On" time length of Stitches, or maybe Burnback delay.