Migatronic 5000mx

  1. adee1066 New Member

    Can anybody help???
    I was using my mig today,all was fine,no overheating or any problems,but I went to use it again and it blew the fuse for no apparent reason.Fuse replaced,blew again as soon as trigger is pulled.it done this repeatedly,so I thought I'd best ask someone.
    Can anyone help with this problem?the mig is about 20 years old,and this is the first problem ever.:(
    Thanks in advance,Adee.
  2. awemawson Forum Supporter

    Need more details! Make , model, photos etc. Is it full of metal dust from grinding near it? Have you opened it up and taken a peek inside to see if anything obious is amiss? If you are really stuck I'm only up the road in Sedlescombe - I'll have a look at it for you if you like.
  3. adee1066 New Member


    Blimey,that was quick.
    I have opened it up,and it is full of dust and probably grinding dust too.
    There is nothing obviously amiss inside.My next move in a moment is to give it a good seeing to with the airline.
    I've got a sneaky suspision it could be the circuit board.
    It dosen't pop,or make the lights flicker,it dosen't even pop the rcd on the breaker board,which is really sensitive..it just blows a 13A fuse instantly.
    I could bring it to you,that is no problem.
    I've just uploaded a couple of pics.....hopefully.
    • 005.jpg
    • 001.jpg
  4. R Kraft Member

    If the work or torch wire is not shorting to the case or some such,it may have had a diode go short.
  5. awemawson Forum Supporter

    If a good blast with dry air doesn't fix it I'd be tempted to disconnect the input to the main transformer and see if it still blows fuses. This should leave power still to the control transformer (down on the base) and fault find by 'dividing and ruling'. If you are unhappy delving in llike that bring it up and Ill have a looksee I'll pm you a phone number
  6. adee1066 New Member

    hi again,i gave it a good blow out tonight,and tried it again.there was slightly more activity coming from the main transformer.it sparked like a disco inside and sounded like a cooking burger at maccy d's.
    i'd say the transformer has had it.
    has anyone local got a good transformer for sale,or a good mig set for sale?
    will be ordering a new set monday if no luck :(
  7. awemawson Forum Supporter

    You could probably have it re-wound
  8. dai

    dai welsh and proud

    the transformer sizzling could be all the dust you just blown into it
    i'll second that the diodes need checking
  9. dai

    dai welsh and proud

  10. NotANormalCoder Fixer of welders for too many years

    Surbiton - Surrey
    Just a thought - main transformer is not energised until the contactor is pulled in by the trigger/pcb. Small auxilliary transformer is more likely problem as this is connected across the mains as soon as machine is switched on. Also worth checking the mains cable for shorts, or disconnect and apply 240v to lead - if it blows fuse, then cable is faulty. Got caught out this way recently - customer had flattened cable and I missed it.
    From memeory, aux transformer is 240v primary, 24v secondary - quite cheap to buy.
  11. adee1066 New Member


    hi guys,thanks for all your replies.
    after giving it a second blowing out,mainly around the large transformer,I ran it again.
    There are definitely sparks and a sizzling/crackling sound coming from it.
    I think it has had it now,so I will be enquiring about a new mig tomorrow.probably another migatronic.
    I will keep this one and probably get it re-wound though,unless someone has got a good secondhand transformer.
    thanks again,adee.