mig welding silicone bronze

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    Wilmington, NC
    Hello to all - I have just joined this web site and am quite glad I have. I am a metal sculptor and have been working in stainless steel for a number of years. Within the last few months I received a commission to sculpt 3 full-size black bears for a client in Linville, NC. My problem is this: I need to use sheet silicone bronze for the project. Can someone help me out as to what to use to accomplish this? I am currently using a Miller mig 175, which is DC...but as to the type and mixture of gas and the technique...I do not know. I guess I need to know what type and guage silicone mig wire to use, welder type (if mig 175 is OK) and gas mixture(if any) and type.

    Thanks for this forum.
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    Hi Paul,

    I've just been talking with one of our welding specialist and he recommends brazing the sheets together or maybe even finding some sort of adhesive and bonding them to one another.
    Brazing is more popular way, apparently. All you need is the torch and some silicone bronze braze wire.

    If you need more strength you could make a steel frame and attach the bronze to that?

  3. Hitch

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    I have DC TIGed it before, using a copper-silicone rod and pure argon.

    I wondered if copper-silicone in a mig set up wih argon would do the trick?