Mig welding east devon?

  1. becks pearson New Member

    Devon UK

    I am in Exmouth in Devon and want to learn to mig weld (with gas). I have a 2CV that I am restoring and am at the stage where I need to do some welding on it. I wonder if anyone knows of any introduction to welding courses in the Exeter area or anyone who might be prepared to spend some time helping me to learn.
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  2. Nomad Member

    North Devon (for how long?)
    Hi. Shame I hadn't seen this a few months ago - I've was based in Devon for most of 2019 but have now left the area for the winter.

    More details about your situation will let folk give you the most appropriate advice -
    Do you want to learn how to use your welder, or do you want to learn to weld before buying a welder?
    What equipment & facilities you have ( welder? power? somewhere to work?).
    For info - my hobby / mot welding toolkit includes a smaller Clarke welder, pub or fire extinguisher co2 bottles, hammer, tinsnips, angle-grinder, mask, molegrips, etc. You might find it helpful to start collecting similar tools yourself.

    Good luck, I got into welding to get an older car through an mot and now consider it an invaluable skill.
  3. Ruffian Member

    Devon UK
    I'm in willand. Not far up the road and can give you some pointers if needed.
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  4. BarrieJ Member

    Milton Keynes, Bucks, United Kingdom
    If I was closer I'd be glad to assist/advise, sadly...

    Is it a body off restoration; welding chassis and floorpan, or body on, doing stuff like rear seat belt mountings?
    Bodywork's inclined to be the biggest challenge on 2CV's/Dyane's and Ami's, as I'm sure you know, they're pressed from reject Peek Freans' Biscuit tins and burn through is almost a given.
    Lots of tacks, short runs and back up butt welds with copper strip wherever possible. (Slit copper pipe hammered flat worked for me).
    Best of luck with the restoration. Any pics of the car/corrosion areas?
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  5. duncans New Member

    Hello was just reading through and what great people on here willing to help some one in need i find it great.
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  6. julianf

    julianf Member

    devon, uk
    My neighbour went on some sort of evening class course at Exeter college.